Over at San Diego Momma yesterday was PROMPTuesday #40.

Deb’s prompt:

This week, tell us about your first job. If you want to fictionalize it, all the better.

Over here at Blog This Mom! today is Not-So-PROMPTuesday (aka Wednesday).

My first job:

The lights in front of the camera were very hot. I had on so much hairspray, that I was certain should the temperature in the room increase by even one more degree Fahrenheit, my head would burst into flames. The makeup was heavy on my face. And the jeans were one size too small, as they were on the model for whom I was standing in during this photo shoot. This photo shoot was one from which controversy would arise.

It has been almost thirty years since I spent an entire day slightly bent over with my shirt partly open, while various assistants flitted around me. I held that pose for hours while the photographer’s lighting technicians, makeup artists, and set designers tweaked and adjusted to get it all just so. The model went under the lights and struck the required pose at the last moment, only for the actual picture taking. While I stood under the hot lights, she thumbed through magazines nearby in an air-conditioned dressing room. Her mother stood sentry as the stylist, makeup artist, and hairdresser circled.

The only reason I got the gig was because a friend of mine knew somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody who was looking for the right stand in. It was my first paying job, and the closest I’d ever get to modeling. The only reason that the friend of a friend of a friend suggested me was because back in the day my hair, face, and body were that of a model Brooke Shields and I both had long hair and bushy eyebrows.


Am I telling a whopper? Or. Was my first job actually flippin’ Whoppers at Burger King when I was barely fifteen? And was the only reason I got that gig because I altered my birth date on the required work permit?

You wanna know what comes between me and my Whoppers? Nothing.

(The photo of Brooke Shields and the Whopper courtesy of Google Images. The photo of thirteen-year-old Blog This Mom! holding pom poms is a figment of your imagination, so please forget you ever saw it. Thank you.)

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33 comments on “You Wanna Know What Comes Between Me and My Whoppers?”

  1. For some reason, I started laughing when I read, “The lights in front of the camera were very hot.” (No offense.) I knew it was gonna be great!

    You have very nice pom poms, and eyebrows, and hair.

  2. omg – I was totally thinking that this was going to be a story about Whoppers – you know, the candy? I was curious to see what you would write in an entire post/story about WHoppers. I mean, I like them and all but an entire story? I like your story better. And I’m hoping that the modeling story is true and the BK story is not. BTW, one of my daughters is currently flippin burgers at BK hehe

  3. I’m going to believe you were the stand in for Brooke. Cheerleaders didn’t work at Burger King.. they came into Taco Charley after practice and ordered .39 tacos.

  4. @Gina – I’m here to tell you that cheerleaders did too work at Burger King!

    Cheri – Burger King? Really? That was also one of my jobs – I had 3 in highschool – at once. Back in the days when we put the sandwiches in boxes and forever had cuts on our hands from the boxes – and then we dipped our hands into the pickles and onions and infected the universe with our blood born diseases. Seriously! You would be better off standing in for Brooke Shields!

  5. I’d like to believe your story, but I’ve never heard you refer to your height, and I know she is one tall chickie.
    We had the eyebrows in common, too — several people have told me I looked like her (long, long ago for both of us). Then she went and tweezered. Sheesh.

  6. Omigod. Were you really a model standin? What a weird job! But cool!!

    Did you work at Burger King? I worked at an Ohio chain called Burger Chef – my best friend and I broke the glass ceiling for girls to work the “back line” – the grill. Management rewarded us by scheduling us to the closing shift, so we had to clean the grill.

    they thought they’d scare us away. They didn’t know that the ass’t manager brought in beer for the closers.

  7. I always wanted eyebrows like Brooke. How lucky where you?!

    Laura, your day is coming so so so soon! You must be counting down the hours now (no doubt on one of your mother’s Apple products)!

  8. Okay, so how could it be 30 years since you stuck that pose if this was your first gig? Just saying…
    I, too, love the cheerleader Cheri photo (even though I really hated cheerleaders when I was in high school). You were terribly cute.

    My first job was making subs in my father’s sub shop. Tino’s Place. No joke.


    My first job *for real* was at a marina. I had to talk to people over the radio and guide them into the harbor. it was totally hawt. SOO much blog fodder there. I gotta get on that.

  10. WOW. Now your perky name makes sense. You were a CHEERLEADER! CHERI the Cheerleader. I. Love. it.

    I totally believe you were a stand-in for Brooke. It happens when you live in LA! Especially when you rock the hair, legs and brows like that!

    Did you know I was a stand in for Mary Tyler Moore? Yep I totally rocked the hat… or somethin.

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