There are less than two days until I shut up about the birth of our imaginary twins, and the most recent addition to my stable of spouses, Adam Lambert, is voted the next American Idol.

Meanwhile . . . .

I was recently asked whether I really went to see Adam Lambert at his alma mater?


I’m embedding the video again because I’m freakishly proud of my editing (as opposed to camera) skills in case you missed it. Heh. (Here’s the direct YouTube link in case Blogger is being cranky because freakishly proud.)

(Be sure to watch it in HQ by clicking the HQ button on the bottom right of the video window after you click the PLAY arrow. I watched it blurry repeatedly until someone, who may or may not be a nine-year-old, told me about the HQ button.)

I was also asked whether I saw myself on television last week when
American Idol aired coverage of the event.


If you watched my video (did I mention that I’m freakishly proud of my editing, as opposed to camera, skills?), you may recall that Adam Lambert had the camera dude point the camera at ME (his beloved wife and mother-to-be of his twins, who will be born tomorrow night when he’s voted the next American Idol, in case I didn’t mention that before).

Here is Adam at the moment that he pointed at ME, immortalized forever, from my perspective:

Here is Adam at the moment that he pointed at ME, immortalized forever, from the television viewers’ perspective:

Here is me at the moment that Adam had the television camera point at ME, immortalized forever, from the television viewers’ perspective:


Here, allow me to help you find me in the crowd:

Answer to the question now forming in your head:

YES. That is really ME. (I am holding my camera up over my head.)

Oh? That wasn’t the question? Then:

YES. I really am this insane.

21 comments on “Will the Real Mrs. Adam Lambert Please Shut Stand Up?”

  1. Fight on for Mt. Carmel
    Sundevil gold and scarlet red!

    You can take the girl outta her alma mater but you can’t take the alma mater out of the girl. Even if it HAS been 25 years.

    Wanna go to my reunion with me since you won’t lend me Tom? You can be my new wife. (Your wife won’t mind a bit. I promised to keep my hands on every guy we meet.)

  2. I think I just peed. I don’t usually have a bladder control issue, but this is funny shit.

    I bet She is going to say the ‘F’ word on your blog today, too.

    Everyone loves a potty mouth! 🙂

  3. Your editing skills are wicked, and I don’t think you should shut-up, nor do I think you’re in insane. I think you’re funny and loyal, which is why Adam, and the rest of the world, loves you!

  4. I was just thinking of how we could steer your incredible energy/talent into a cause! We saw a glimmer of it on the issue re: gay rights but not the same level of burning intensity that you show with Adam. Where’s that steering wheel of yours?

  5. “anybody who feels different or weird… screw it!” i think that must have been a coded part of his speech to you… so he really was waving to you.

  6. Some same insane, others say dedicated.


    Super fun.

    And as one of the few completely ignorant American that haven’t followed Idol this year I must ask: So, did Adam attend Mt. Carmel in the San Diego area? Because I think that’s where my husband graduated…


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