Amazon gave us a UPS tracking number for the Saturday, July 21st delivery of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. One might even be so presumptuous as to think that UPS would be delivering it.

Amazon sent an email on July 12th, cut and pasted here in pertinent part:

You don’t have to do a thing–just sit back and wait for the book to arrive on the day of release, July 21, 2007, guaranteed!*

*For this special guaranteed Saturday delivery, certain restrictions apply.

Although a signature is not required, we cannot guarantee whether our carrier will leave a package at the delivery address if no one is available to accept it. . . . Therefore, we recommend that someone be available to accept the delivery on Saturday.

We needn’t have bothered to wait around for UPS though (actually, we forgot to wait and went out to run an errand). Apparently, UPS delivered the books to USPS. In the early hours of the afternoon today, Muggles started calling each other to spread the word to stop waiting for UPS and check the mailbox instead, where we happily found our books waiting. So, if you ordered from Amazon, but do not yet have your copy of book seven, check your mailbox before contacting customer service. Alternatively, you can go into any book store or other retail location, including Fry’s, Walmart, and grocery stores to pick up a copy. I hear that there are no lines and plenty of books. If it had only been that simple to get a Wii console.

4 comments on “What Would Hedwig Do?”

  1. It took me until 6pm yesterday to figure out it was in my mailbox, after a good 8 hours of on and off compulsive front door checking to see if that UPS person was just around the corner.

    -Courtney’s KJ

  2. thank God it wasn’t, because a Carpenter’s song only would’ve exacerbated my frustration, however catchy 🙂


  3. So sorry you had to wait! I read it yesterday cover to cover and I think you will enjoy it. However, knowing the ending, and seeing the new Harry Potter film afterwards really was a bit anticlamitic.

    P.S. Loved your Bushie blog!

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