by Laura

I love my kid.

(Please note Adam Lambark’s earrings, black nail polish, and guyliner.)

34 comments on “What Did Your Kid Bring Home From School Yesterday?”

  1. Now THAT is frelling adorable. Adam Lambark. HEEEEEE!!

    And mine aren’t out of school until tomorrow. And then? Glorious summer break. WOOO!

  2. My kid brought home a Crunch bar [distributed to all kids by the sugar-addicted mother who gives garbage food and trash and trinkets to all the kids], and a smelly gym bag.

    Laura’s awesome!

  3. That Laura. Fabulous.

    I posted on Monday the picture that Anna drew for me during church on Sunday. Store these treasures away…I’m hoping we can use them for blackmail one day.

  4. “guyliner!” Oh I haven’t heard this yet (hopelessly behind the times) but that is hilarious!

    And Laura – so smart.

  5. I think that Laura is what my grandma would call “a caution”…she’s a hoot.
    I, on the other hand, got 3 dirty sox (from youngest son….no clue as to the whereabouts of that 4th one) and 2 small potatoes that had been in the backpack for a verrrrrry long time.

    Oh..tell Janet…she can borrow mine ANYtime she feels the need! just saying!

  6. So cute. Though I’m starting to get a little worried that some permanent imprinting of your crushes is happening, which will remain only as a vague memory that she will later have to unearth in therapy. 🙂

  7. Too cute! My first-grader brought home a memory book that said the funniest thing that happened to him this year was when he stuck out his weiner in the lunchroom. Excellent.

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