After the 7.2 earthquake (centered in Baja California) struck on Easter Sunday, Laura sold us an earthquake detection system. Installation was included in the $3 sales price. We bought two because we’re stupid supportive parents like that. What?

Last week, Laura installed a “47-point security system” in her room.

Spring break is over now. However, I’m guessing that the appearance of various inventions around my house are from from it.

26 comments on “We Offer the Finest in Earthquake Detection and Home Security Systems”

  1. Can she come up to Ohio next year for Spring Break and keep my kids occupied? That girl is awesome.

    P.S. Your capcha is slacking. I swear I got the same nonsense word the last time I stopped by.

  2. Not too many earthquakes happening here but I am interested in that 47-point security system. It’s gotta be cheaper than the one I have even if it has to encompass an entire house. And probably just as effective.
    When are you going to let this child go global with her inventions?

  3. i shouldn’t say it looks like the spider is making a web, but its true. it’s a trap- don’t get too close!
    (i’ve fallen asleep in bed with hersheys chocolate before. predictably, it makes a mess.)
    i didn’t think to use hersheys as the bait in a trap though.
    she’s a busy little spider.
    i love laura’s creativity. its great that you two have fun together.

  4. Hmmm… I’m pondering: should you buy Laura craft stuff and/or kits? Or not? What would she do if she had access to beads & glitter to incorporate into her black yarn? (Or perhaps they are already there & we can’t see it due to lighting in the photo?)!

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