Seventy wonderful Happy Birthday comments for Laura came in before the deadline (and more since)! We ran the numbers through the random number generator at and came up with a lucky ducky winner!

Here are your random numbers:

65 . . .

Comment number sixty-five was Mrs. G!!! (Mrs. G: Your fabulous Gary Rith Pottery ducky mug will be on it’s way to you first thing Monday morning.)

And now, Laura’s 9th Birthday in review:
Laura’s Ducky Birthday Cake
Every year I outdo myself making a fabulous birthday cake for Laura. It is my one claim to fame in the kitchen. Well, that and the hawt green beans that I sometimes make in the kitchen for Tom . . . .
Laura’s Birthday Presents

Laura asked for an American Girl doll (why: to be expected at age nine), a box of Cocoa Puffs (why: these babies are hard to come by when you’ve got a mama who won’t buy this stuff), and a Snuggie (I don’t know why). Also, I highly recommend you don’t buy a Snuggie, at least not from Snuggie directly. The Snuggie website is impossible to navigate, shipping is an exorbitant ripoff, the order takes forever to arrive, and when your Snuggie is finally delivered you will receive four of them because, as I said, the website is impossible to navigate. If you’re still thinking about getting a Snuggie, go check out Chris’s Snuggie post and then order it from Amazon. Chris, email me your address. Girlfriend, you’re getting the Snuggie you’ve always wanted, yo, because I have four of them.

Laura and Chrissa Taking Their Flute Lesson
on Laura’s Birthday

Your eyes do not deceive you. The doll is standing in front of a tiny music stand, holding a tiny flute. I know. Hawt.

Laura Got Cornrows for Her Birthday

Laura has been wanting to get cornrows forever (I don’t know why), and she got them on Saturday. The woman who did them for her was so fast (one hour!) and had such a loving energy that I swear we could feel her spirit as soon as we exited the freeway a mile from her shop.

Laura Loves Her Cornrows

I know. Hawt.

Pyrus calleryana trees bloom in California just in time for Laura’s birthday each year, which is why we call it her tree, and take her picture in front of it on her birthday. The tree picture from her birthday last year is here. And the story of Laura’s birth, the history of her tree, and photos starting from January 2000 are here.

Thank you blogging buddies for helping to make Laura’s birthday special with all of the beautiful wishes she received! Congratulations to Mrs. G. and Chris!

41 comments on “We Have a Lucky Ducky Winner (or Two?)!”

  1. First of all, I’m delighted Laura had such a special birthday. We have much in common – Laura and I. I’m coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, I’ve always wanted cornrows (I don’t know why), and I’m fascinated by the Snuggie! The P.C. tree (I could never spell that and I’m too lazy to scroll, you know, Superbowl…) story is very sweet and I looked at each photo. Beautiful!

    Second. Thank you! I can’t wait to get my Snuggie! I’m wearing it the next time I see my mother. What a wonderful surprise. Hug, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, kiss to you AND Laura (for having such excellent taste). Gracias.

  2. Laura’s cornrows are beautiful!

    I love the story of her birthnight It’s awesome. Of course she should love the Callery Pear, I hope she plants it in her garden as a grownup young woman.

    We had a similar situation – my husband wanted to finish watching the game at least up until the seventh inning, because our midwife had predicted I’d be ready to go to the hospital around 3 a.m. At about 8 p.m., I was alarmingly uncomfortable enough to insist that he turn the TV off, and take me to the hospital. then he took the wrong turn and we detoured through the gorges of Ithaca, NY before making it up to the hospital on the eastern side of the lake. When we got there, at 9:30 or so, after going through all the admissions bureaucracy, I was at 9.5 centimeters.

    I forget who won the game, though…

  3. From the duck cake to the corn rows, it sounds like a wonderful birthday. I love the story of the tree. The blossoms are beautiful, and Laura is simply divine!

  4. I miss little Goo. I am glad she had a good birthday. Remember when you made the Snow White cake for her birthday?

    Four Snuggies? One Laura. One Chris. One Courtney. One left over?

  5. You have a CocoPuffs shortage? We’re short on Waffle Crisp around here. I can find it at only one store.

    Cute cake! Once I made a SpongeBob cake that was really awesome.

    I’m so glad Laura had a happy birthday!

  6. How is there a Coco Puff shortage?? Happy Birthday anyway!!! Also — I think cornrows are a rite of passage every girl desires at some point. I had them when I was in Jr High… For about a week. 🙂

  7. She looks so COOL with the cornrows!

    I think I got some at 9 or 10 (in honor of Bo Derek)as well. I’ve posted about it . . . will dig up pics!

    And Cocoa Puffs. Well, I go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Lame, but Laura will dig it!

    Jealous . . . of the Duck Cake. So, so jealous.

  8. What a great birthday. You are such a good mom! You had me at 3D cake.

    Email me and I will totally take one of those Snuggies off your hands. If their web site is a pain in the neck, might be easier to let me buy one off of you than try to return them?

  9. Fear not, smalltownmom and Momma Mary. There’s no Cocoa Puff shortage in the world. Laura tried them once when she was Y-Princess camping with her dad, and has wanted them ever since. I don’t buy her cereals like Cocoa Puffs, so she asked for it for her birthday.

    Also, I have edited this post to say why Cocoa Puffs are hard to come by around here. I wouldn’t want there to be mass confusion about a Cocoa Puffs shortage and cause people across the nation to rush to the cereal aisle and start hoarding the stuff. All because of my blog. Heh.

  10. Cornrows, dolls, Cocoa Puffs – it takes so little to make a young girl happy – and that is one happy looking child!
    I am so impressed with the duck cake. Thank God as long as it was home-made my boys didn’t care what their birthday cake looked like!

  11. I’ve never had Coco Puffs (& neither have my kids ~ they think that sugar cereals and Nutella are only available at grocery stores near our summer vacation destination). I don’t get the Snuggie thing either!

    The American Girl I get. Nice choice, Laura! Glad you enjoyed your birthday!

  12. I want hair like laura’s hair lady has, ultra curly hawt!
    I am so pleased Missus G shall get my mug. I worship the ground Missus G treads.
    BTW, I have a little advertising campaign for your scout cookies, I wonder if you could put up a post mention about contacting you to order some?

  13. One of my boys got a box of Frosted Flakes and FF pajamas for Christmas last year, so we most definitely understand the Cocoa Puffs.
    Wonderful ducky cake, and CORNROWS!! I have a pic of my young cousin with those, at about that age.
    And my 10yo niece had an American Girl party in July. I was there, so I got to go see the Kit Kittridge movie with the girls and their dolls. 🙂
    Congrats to Mrs. G.!
    We love our special Rith mugs here with snakes on them!!

  14. I love that your daughter has a tree — that’s the sort of thing winter babies can truly get behind.

    I’m glad her birthday was so wonderful, too.

    Da Goddess

  15. Happy Belated Birthday to Laura! She’s a cutie and I just love that picture of her playing violin with her doll – tooooooo cute!!

    Take care – Kellan

  16. WOW. Cocoa Puffs. You let her have Cocoa Puffs?! What has gotten into you? That’s what Frank feeds Henry when he has him on the weekend. Snort. Henry hasn’t been sneaky enough to request them as a birthday gift yet. Don’t tell him.

    We LOVE her corn rows and her cake and her floutist friend. Do you know that Henry and I went back to look at all of Laura’s past birthday posts and noticed we didn’t comment! Some friend I am! Sheesh.

  17. Yeah yeah yeah…so very happy for Mrs. G….’cause you know it would never have made it over here (unless you brought it yourselves!!). Seriously…if Jenn and I couldn’t get it, then sure…Mrs. G deserves it!!

    I gotta know how you did that cake!! Do you share your secrets? I pay well!!
    and the cornrows rock!!
    What a great birthday…the boys lust after those CocoPuffs!!

  18. you are without doubt the best mom ever. i can’t believe you ordered the snuggie (i cringe just typing it). i would never, i’d make up some story about how the snuggie company was being sued and their products appeared to be unsafe, but a fleece at old navy and call it good.

  19. Oh, you make your Laura’s birthday so special! I died over the flute picture with the music stands. Too adorable. And the CAKE! Fabulous.

    So glad Mrs. G won! She’s a gem.

  20. Happy belated b-day Laura! (before I gave an early happy b-day, now it’s a belated happy b-day…does that mean if you average them out that I was right on time?) Love the cornrows!!! XOXOMichael

  21. She’s a total doll! Love the cocoa puffs!

    And the doll playing the flute is to die for!

    My grandmother made us bunny cakes, and we loved it!

    Happy Birthday, Laura!

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