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A couple of weeks ago Laura wanted me to pick her up early from school. She said she didn’t feel well, but wanted to school go just for math. I know. I don’t understand her either. My motheradar picked up that she was probably feeling just fine, and wanted to go to school for the fun part (um, the part she thinks is fun). So, it was no surprise when the school called after her math class to tell me that she was in the office reporting that she didn’t feel well. I went and picked her up. I decided to test my theory that she could have made it through the day at school.

When we got in the car I asked her how ill she felt. “I’m not at all well,” she said. Adding, no doubt hoping for an afternoon of television, “I really need to rest on the couch.” I asked her, you know, just to test the waters and such like, “Do you feel so bad that you couldn’t go to a movie, for example?” She hesitated and then said she could probably sit through a movie. “What about popcorn? If you’re not well, popcorn probably doesn’t sound so good, right?” Laura replied, “I think I could eat popcorn.” Then she added, “And Dibs.”

So, I did what any responsible mother would do with a child who said she was too ill to stay at school. We went to see Star Trek. And ate popcorn and Dibs for lunch.

Imagine how it went when I picked her up from school on Thursday afternoon and asked her this question: “Laura, do you want to go home and do homework right away or would you rather go see Up?”

So, Laura did what any kid with homework would do if she had a mother like me. She went with her mother to see Up. Oh. The popcorn and Dibs? That was dinner, yo.

We totally loved both movies, too. Totally. Go see them. That’s all the review I’m doing ’cause I’m not being paid. Heh.


After much consideration about what to wear with my Stitch Nose to the event for Tom’s work last Monday night, I opted to go with a tastefully trimmed piece of flesh-toned tape. No, I didn’t wear just tape. The tape was to cover my nose. The rest of me wore black pants, a black-and-brown-shirty-dressy-type shirty thing, and black high heels.

In the social chitchat department, I opted not to tell anyone the truth, that the stitches were from the C-section nasal delivery of Adam Lambert’s twins, but rather to tell the more career-friendly “biopsy” tale to anyone the one person who asked. Here is a picture from after the party, which clearly demonstrates that I’m a whiz with flesh-toned tape (and, yes, my hair is fricking awesome):

So . . . considering how awesome my hair looked and that I wore black high heels, what do you think Tom and I did after the party? This blog is rated “My Mother-in-Law Reads This” so I’m not saying anything more than is there such a thing as a foot epidural? because my toe was about to fall off from standing in high heels for four hours, the upside of which would be a golden opportunity to visit the hot toe doctor for surgical reattachment. Tom said his feet were killing him too, and dude didn’t even wear high heels (hello, it was a corporate event). So this is what we did:

We really know how to live life in the fast lane around here, don’t we?

Two days later I went back to the obstetrician dermatologist to get the stitches out. The lab results are not back yet, but I’m feeling very good about the prognosis. The doctor said she examined the “section” carefully under the microscope and the edges looked clean, but she can’t be sure until the labs are back. She added that although we had to do the biopsy immediately because it had the appearance of basal cell carcinoma, there is every chance the labs will come back entirely clean. And, now that I’ve come down from my initial freak-the-frick-out, I really feel like they will. I will keep you posted. Meanwhile . . .

After she removed the stitches, the dermatologist performed some “Alan Parsons Project” or “laser” on my nose to remove some sun-damaged spots. Now I have Purple Dot Nose.

Purple Dot Nose will last for the next four to fourteen days or so, I’m told.

Purple Dot Nose should be gone by the time that Adam Lambert, the twins, and I leave for his concert tour this summer. (Yes, it is so Adam Lambert’s concert tour. Come on, you don’t really think anyone is buying tickets to see what’s his name, do you? Okay. I’m just kidding, fans of what’s his name.)

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  1. We loved UP too, except for the first 10 minutes that made me cry like a baby. My daughter patted my arm and told me “it’s ok to cry mom”…

  2. That was a whole lot of info–obviously much has been going on.

    Good news on the biopsy, having purple dots on your nose seems preferable to having pre-cancerous lesions on your nose, the flesh-colored tape was INVISIBLE and your hair was definitely frickin’ awesome. You went dark! It looks great.

  3. i really thought the laura stuff was going to end with you teaching her a loving lesson about needing to be in school and not being a big giant faker.

    thank god you’re not that chick.

  4. I need a mom like you. Mine doesn’t take me out of school… I mean, away from my grown-up responsibilities… to see movies.

    Isn’t there a children’s book out about everyone getting purple dots on their noses? I’m told it’s the cool thing to do these days.

  5. Awesome. I remember that day you and Laura went to the movies! Sweet. I think I’m going to call you next time I need to be picked up at school, which will be this coming Tuesday — I won’t be feeling well, but I will be well enough for a movie and popcorn! 😉 I need some Holy Trinity time!


    And please tell the third member of the Trinity about the feet soaking in the tub! She keeps laundry in hers. Just sayin’.

    The nose looks GOOD. I like purple dots and green toes (or was it a blue toe?!).


  6. 1. You looked fabulous for your big night out.

    2. The two of you can even make soaking your aching feet look sexy.

    3. Now we’re going to hear all about purple dot nose for two weeks straight. Am I right?

  7. If you have to go to a corporate or other social event over the next 2 weeks or so, I dare you to wear a polka-dotted outfit! Preferrably in purple! If you got it, flaunt it!

  8. Your hair DOES look totally awesome!

    And apparently we took the same parenting classes. Last week, Little Dude didn’t feel so well and he stayed home from school on Friday. Which was totally okay because they were just doing the 6th grade olympics thing, there was no class time, no homework, and he’d already completed his portion of the olympics. So we watched movies and ate popcorn and played with Legos.

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to win Mother of the Year in our house. City, State, and nationally, I don’t think I have a chance in hell of taking the title. But here, I totally nailed it.

  9. Very exciting! You look amazing in that dress-up photo, and the dots are not so bad.

    And feel free to refer people to my review of “Up,” which I was not paid for, either. 😉

  10. You are creating wonderful mother/daughter memories!

    The spot where the stitches came out looks great – and so do you.
    As for the purple dots? This (those) too shall pass…
    Your spirit and humour remain undaunted. You are amazing.

  11. That was a very interesting update! You’re the perfect kind of mom to take Laura to a movie on a sick day.

    Your hair, shirt-thingy, and nose all looked fabulous for Tom’s event. No wonder he wanted to join you in the foot bath…

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the biopsy results. A little concealer will help that Purple Dot Nose… I think.

  12. I am so so loving that you are brunette now!

    Not so keen on toe/purple dots/cancerous nose legions because they are just suckful for you I think.

  13. Cheri, baby, you should NEVER let anyone Alan Parsons Project all over your face. Electric Light Orchestra: maybe, depending on how much you’ve had to drink.

    (Big, best wishes for the biopsy.)

  14. Saw UP last night and thought it was awesome! I cried, I laughed…and it made me think. Quite a lot for a cartoon. Wait…does Pixar count as cartoons? Maybe not.

  15. I’m glad you clarifed that those are Tom’s legs and you have a layer of bubbles to cover the real picture; toe sex…

    I think you could have pulled off ‘just tape’.


  16. You should be a makeup artist to the stars!!! You’re nose looked great!!

    on the other hand…if you had showed up with just the tape on you would have been the talk of the party!

  17. hi purple-dot-nosed mom,
    i guess purple dots are the price of looking good and feeling good. and yes, your hair looks –AWESOME!
    everyone needs a day off sometimes, so kudos to you for being involved in your child’s life. going to the movie with you is a thousand times better than sitting on the couch watching general hospital.

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