If Blogging Mum is going to post about carnies again this year, then I suppose that I must post the conversation I overheard between Trish and Laura last week.

Laura: “I have three teeth missing on the top and four are growing in on the bottom!”

Trish: “You could be a carnie.”

Laura: “Why? What’s a carnie?”

Trish: “A carnie is someone who works at a carnival. Sometimes they’re missing teeth.”

Laura: “Oh. Why don’t they have teeth?”

Trish: “They probably don’t get to go to the dentist very often.”

Laura: “I think George Washington was a carnie.”

Trish: “Huh?”

Laura: “He didn’t have teeth. I was told that his were wooden.”

Photo by Trish

2 comments on “U.S. History 101”

  1. You found the CD.

    Man that was funny…. and by the way you NEED to tape CBS Sunday morning – they had a whole segment on GW’s teeth! Send Laura over for a US history lesson via TIVO!

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