It was one thing when C&H Sugar started following me on Twitter. I suppose I had it coming to me because I was tweeting day and night about M&Ms, and may have even put up a link to my step-by-step Halloween Candy Workout instructions.

But how did Roman Meal find out that I ate bread on Thanksgiving and that I may or may not have had some more bread every single day since Thanksgiving? Sheesh.

22 comments on “Twitter is Watching Over Me”

  1. Do you have extra hours in the day where you live that we don’t here? seriously….twitter? not only do i not have the time, but…i’m not sure i’d even know how to get twitterized…and NO! don’t send directions (thank you!)
    personally…i think that adam is just playing hard to get and he, in reality, is Roman Meal. think about it…who would think it was him (well, except me, of course, but…who else?)
    you, my love, are a nut…i like that in a person

  2. SUCK!!!

    Sorry, I had typed out a comment and blogger did it’s stupid idiotic thing. Damn me and my fast typing.

    Anyway…I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted: OMG! Roman Meal! I haven’t had that in YEARS!!! Delish 🙂

  3. lol. i love that roman meal is twittering.
    ideally, these little tweets will come to your cell phone too.
    and your toilet seat will whisper ‘roman meal’ everytime you sit down.

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