I may or may not have mentioned that I am registered to participate in the Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon in January with two of my daughters.  I may or may not have also mentioned that “registered to participate” means that my daughters will take turns pushing me 13.1 miles in my grandson’s stroller while I eat a Gibson Girl Sundae.  That way, my legs won’t be tired when I collect my Commemorative Finisher’s Medal at the end.  After writing about Monika Allen’s Wonder Woman tutu I did some serious thinking.  I thought a lot about right speech followed by right action, spiritual and enlightened stuff.  I also thought about what to wear.  And then I wondered out loud on Twitter whether Glam Runner makes a Wookiee tutu.  Because this is my thinking:  If I wear a Wookiee tutu, I won’t have to shave my legs.  Here’s the cool thing about Twitter:  It’s like Siri.  If you ask it a question, it answers you!

wookiee tutuYes!  Exactly like that.

I don’t know the folks at Glam Runner personally, but can’t you just tell they have a lot of heart?  And cool tutus?

If I were to get this Wookiee tutu, I would have to come up with an improved race day strategy, one that involves some sort of bib or drop cloth situation so I don’t get hot fudge on my tutu during the half marathon.  How many runners do you know whose race day strategy involves keeping hot fudge from dripping on his or her Wookiee tutu?  Well, you know one now.  #WINNING!

Speaking of winning, guess what?  Claudia from Idiot’s Kitchen has won an autographed copy of Melissa Westemeier’s book, Kicks Like A Girl.  Congratulations!  But this isn’t over!  We’re still kicking like girls around here.  There’s still time to enter to get a spot in the Kicks Like a Girl online book club.  In September, Melissa Westemeier will participate in an online book club meeting.  Eight lucky people will join us on Skype!  CLICK HERE for details.


NOTE from Blog This Mom!®:  The links to Glam Runners and Kicks Like a Girl are totally unsolicited and unpaid.  I do not receive any compensation if you purchase a tutu or a book.  Side note:  If you purchase a tutu from Glam Runner, you will be supporting Girls on the Run, which is really cool.  In any event, I have policies about reviews, you know, because this joint is a serious operation with policies and official legal language.

15 comments on “Twitter is Like Siri”

  1. OH! A tutu to run in….hmmm…well, not sure that would, uh, suit my MACO MAN IMAGE as it were 😉 My dog, however, who is an adorable little beagle, has a purple tutu my neighbor made for her 🙂

  2. Yay!!!! I’m so excited. Thank you so much! (I never win anything so I’m pretty darn surprised!) Can’t wait to read Melissa’s book.

    If I can get my stupid injured foot under control, I’d love to start running again. I was thinking that a tutu would be just the thing to inspire me but on second thought, hot fudge sauce would be much more my speed!

  3. Those are awesome tutus, and really I can’t imagine anything better (crazier?) than a wookie in a stroller 🙂 I’m thinking you should wear a mask too.

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