And now, the big reveal from Wednesday’s All in the Family post.

Here’s a recap for those who were absent on Wednesday:

The guy in the first photograph is my future son-in-law, Adam.
Who is the guy in the second photograph?

Some of the guesses were:

Adam, now my son-in-law

Adam’s brother, twin brother, or evil twin

Adam, now the father of my future grandchild

And Adam’s answer: “Apparently I have a clone.”

Adam and (my oldest daughter) Kristen

Are you ready for the answer?

Scroll down.

Keep scrolling.

You won’t believe me.

But I’m telling the truth.

Keep scrolling.

Are we there yet?


Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle.

Fasten your seatbelt.

This is fun, no?

It is for me.

Because I have no life.

Remember that truth is stranger than fiction.

You have reached your destination.

katydidnot’s sailor and (my wife) katydidnot

Swear to God.

See? They’re all in the family.

32 comments on “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. THAT is weird! I’ve be anxiously awaiting the answer. I noticed a few slight differences between the two.. but I thought for sure they were related – if not the same person.

  2. Thank goodness I’m not crazy!! When I first saw Katy’s sailer at the table last night, I was looking for your daughter…must admit that I was a bit freaked…did wonder a bit why on earth Katy was with your future son-in-law!!!
    Love the way you all keep it in the family!!!

  3. Both guys and both gals? Hawt.

    I won’t be able to rest until I figure out what rhymes with Blunder Dance, though. My best guess is Underpants.

  4. She, Shana:

    The blunder dance to which katydidnot refers? Yes, underpants.

    The sailor may or may not have been wearing Tom’s underpants.

    The sailor may or may not also have been wearing Tom’s shorts and shirt.

    The sailor may or may not have been waiting for his clothes to dry in our dryer.

    The sailor may or may not have gotten his clothes wet in the pool.

    The rest of the story is classified.

  5. Shut UP!!!

    And you forgot to mention my guess of Adam LAMBERT.

    Somehow this makes things a little incestuous now, but I’m not sure exactly why. Hmmm. Because your wife is dating your son-in-law’s clone, who wears your husband’s under pants?

    This is just sick.

  6. i never would have guessed, not in a thousand years. but they look so damn alike.
    you should get dna (i heard they can do this with hair form a hairbrush) and see if it matches. (ohhh. nevermind the hairbrush idea)…

  7. ok, so I guess I was kinda right in that it wasn’t the same guy. (the nose gave it away)

    alright, so now that I’ve basically posted some version of “I was right” (although I was wrong b/c I think I thought he might be a twin bro) I need to now say, Whoah! that is freak-kay. And this coming from a shrink who should never be surprised by such “coincidences.”

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