The giant, hairy spider went up the wall tonight.
I climbed up a ladder to kill it with my might.
Down came the spider, aiming at my face.
I fell off the ladder; to the floor we two did race.

28 comments on “True Spider Story”

  1. Of course your drawings are to scale! 😉
    Saw a spider in my kitchen yesterday – couldn’t get at it. My fear of climbing ladders is on par with my dislike of spiders. I’m wondering where he (she?) wandered off to… (Please, not my bedroom!)

  2. @tinsenpup: Yes! I was going for Lady Gaga yellow.

    @Gary: Yes! I was going for Mr. Bill face because I was saying “OH NOOOOOO!”

    @Janet: That spider was so big, you could have tossed on of your dogs (in MA) at this spider (in CA).

    @Beth: You can stop wondering about the spider in your kitchen. YOU LET IT WANDER HERE and it made me fall off a ladder. 😉

  3. The itsy bitsy spider climbed up on Cheri’s wall,
    Downward it fell when conflict with Cheri fell.
    The little spider went splat upon Cheri’s clean floor
    And Cheri picked herself up and said, “nevermore”.

    I didn’t want to spend a lot of time doing this but the itsy bitsy spider ran through my head during this post. You are welcome to revise it!

  4. you make me smile like no other.
    that spider, on the other hand? dude. that was huge!!! i hope you went right out and bought you a yummy chocolate latte (or whatever your “yummy” is). seriously. that was traumatic….you probably need to spend some time on the sofa…you know…safely away from spiders and other creepy-crawlies.

  5. You’re a writer AND an artist?! My love for you grows. Tinsenpup and Gary are both right — you so look fabulous in the picture…in a lovely Mr. Bill way. Hope you’re okay after the fall. Once you break a hip, it’s curtains. xo

  6. Our kids always demand proof after I descend from th rafters on a spider-hunting mission. They want to see the squished body in the Kleenex, and will follow me to the bathroom to make sure I flush the sucker for good.

    I’ve always been a bit of a pacifist, so if it’s feasible I’d much rather try to get the little critter out of the house alive.

    Ah, the dichotomies of parenthood!

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