NaBloPoMo Day 15: Tom Speaks

My wife will be without her computer for one agonizing day this month so I volunteered to do a guest post on her blog, it being NaBloPoMo after all. Fortunately for me this is not a prompt day, so instead of putting out I can rely on prior work.

About seven years ago I wrote a poem for my wife entitled If I had a Boo, which I have inserted below. Loyal readers of her blog may have some insight into hidden meanings; for all others, here’s hoping you appreciate nonsensical rhyming. Oh, and at the risk of stating the obvious, “Boo” is a term of endearment. Anyway, one night in bed I recited it to her from memory. I remember hoping she liked it.

If I had a Boo

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
With a mind that’s always in motion
Thinking things through
Yet quick on the draw
And a wisdom as deep as the ocean.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
With a heart as big as a house
With a white picket fence
And a huge backyard
And a family that goes by Rouse.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
With eyes that still know how to smile
Though if you looked close
You’d come away sure
That their depth must be measured in miles.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
She’d strive to get everything done
In her clamor to see
That our needs were all met
She might leave out Number One.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
With a pair of gems shining bright
Through clouds thick and thin
They would always be there
No matter the dark of the night.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
Who could give me a child so gifted
That while I pick her up
She need only smile
And I am the one who is lifted.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
She’d be willing to look deep inside
She could talk to me
And show me the parts
That are so much simpler to hide.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
She could teach me of love that is real
Not always a high
Yet floats far above
Simply refusing to feel.

If I had a Boo she’d be just like you
She’d be all that and she’d love me too.
What a wonderful thing that I already do.

I have on occasion written other poems, including Courtney is a Cuddle Puff. It’s about Courtney (who, by the way, now goes by Punky Puff). I wrote it when she was a little girl. To this day I don’t know whether she liked the poem, but I have my suspicions.

I was deeply troubled to find that I could not find one about K-Dawg (Kristen). So I wrote one called Changes in the Force. I emailed it to her and she was touched.
Laura? ‘Nuff said. To know me is to know I love Laura. So, yes, I have written a poem or two about her.
I would like to think you can say it with words, even if you don’t say “the words” enough. While I wouldn’t wish some of my poetry on anyone, I sincerely hope that some of it reminds my family just how much I love them.

22 comments on “Tom Speaks”

  1. That was wonderful! I can’t imagine your family doesn’t know how loved they are. As an outsider looking it, it appears you’re all pretty fortunate and blessed to have each other!

    (Cheri/Betty – you’ve got a keeper!)

  2. AWWWWWWW….as it turns out, I’ve been hard at work on poems for my girls’ birthdays (NaBloPoMo Days 16, 18 and 23). But you’re much better at it. Especially if you could recite the whole thing from memory in bed.

  3. Nice poem Tom. I have heard so much about what a great guy you are. Now I get to witness it first hand. Writing poetry is wonderful- but sharing it with them is even better. Sharing it with us? The best! You are all Cheri has cracked you up to be!

  4. I LOVED THIS. I teared up reading it, though, because I sensed just how important family is to you! And there’s nothing more appealing to me about people than seeing how much they love their own peeps!

    Kudos to you!

  5. Dear Tom,
    Is there any chance that you might ablt to give classes to other husbands Please let me, and others with husbands in need, know when you are available.
    Thanks so much…you truly are a sweetheart, aren’t you? That Cheri, she’s a lucky girl…and yes, you…are a lucky man!

  6. I see your brother is already giving you crap…or was that a compliment? Dude. He’s speechless.

    I think you are a RARE and WONDERFUL DUDE and you have a great family… and for all you men who don’t do it, writing poetry is truly a wonderful gift to give to your family… better than something money can buy. (Well, except for maybe jewelry?) And ALL the women who read this probably wish they were married to a guy like you. And I think you ROCK. And you do. And I love your Boo too!

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