Courtney just left to return to college and I feel like my heart is going to break in half. I know that she won’t be back to live here next summer, or ever probably. There will just be visits, which is a momentous change in both of our lives. I know that it is time, but I feel like someone just took a chunk out of my chest – where my heart is, not my breast, because someone did just take a chunk out of that.

I’m going to go cry. And then I’m going to air out her pigsty of a room.

I love you Baby.

3 comments on “To Everything There is a Season”

  1. I love her too! And you’re makin me cry! But I know the feeling. I have sent 3 reluctantly and happily out into the world. Thank gawd I have one more left and by the time he leaves I will be senile and never have to experience an empty nest!!!

  2. oh mum i was actually sad to leave home. i mean how often do i get to have sushi here that i don’t have to pay for? but seriously…it was sad to go.

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