Courtney spent last weekend with me. We ate dinner in a pub, went to the movies, and got in a little retail therapy shopping. At one point, Courtney was sitting nearby while I was reading mommy blogs The New York Times online.

Courtney [looking admiringly at my laptop]: “What do you use to keep your computer screen clean?”

Me: “Adam.”

The backstory: When I showed up in San Jose on Easter Sunday, I took out my MacBookPro and immediately felt that Adam (who is a geek has a deep appreciation for Mac computers) was disappointed in me. I think I caught a reproachful look before he graciously tucked it under a shake of his head and a smile. I deserved to feel ashamed of myself. My screen was flecked with either green tea or mineral water spots, or both. My touchpad mouse was kinda yucky from Gawd knows what. And, worst of all, there were flaxseeds in my keyboard from a granola-spilling incident, and the flaxseeds were causing my keys and spacebar to misbehave, which in turn was causing typos. The spacebar and letter “n” would not cooperate unless I gave them some meaningful foreplay. I had to press them just the right way or else everytigthatItypedlookedlikethis. Adam had some special liquids and cloths and tools and knowledge. He made my Mac all better. Adam’s skillz extend beyond computers. The next day, he made me two poached eggs (with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and fresh-ground pepper) and oatmeal (organic, steel-cut cooked with a bit of buttermilk). After breakfast, I scrubbed in before I touched my laptop. And in case Adam’s wondering, my Mac is still nice and clean, which is why Courtney asked about it.

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  1. Wow! Your “computer Guru” cooked for YOU!! You gotta love someone who can work miracles with these gadgets that we spend so much of our “whatwereallyshouldbedoingiscleaning”-time on!!!
    Ahhh…”retail therapy”…I feel a session coming on!!

    *Good lands, girl…just realized the time here (9:08pm) and am wondering what the heck you are doing up so freakin’ early?!?!?!
    YOU…are a dedicated bloggerMom!! I’m bowing down in your direction!!

  2. As the computer maintenance personnel at our house (3 of them), I have had to ask questions like: “how did this granola get stuck in the keyboard? and Who has been touching the screen with caramel fingers”. Keep Adam around.


  3. oh, funny, i have a friend who is also appalled with my treatment of my poor hp tablet. my backspace and += key require dinner and dancing before they’ll put out for me. not flax seed though, i’m pretty sure it’s pop tart.

  4. Definitely DEFINITELY Don’t do what I did to clean my laptop. You’ll end up losing your X. And that’s not a good thing.

    The first in the series.

    Thanks for hopping over and commenting.. And, if there are guys with Kilts on…I’d like to see that too — especially if those kilts don’t come with shirts, but instead six pack abs!

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