The last photo posted having been taken over two years ago, Laura asked me to post a new picture of her with her “cronies.”

Seated left to right:
Jonathan (Senior White House Interior Decorator); Matthew (First Gentleman); Kayla (Director of National Clandestine Services, Central Intelligence Agency); Laura (POTUS); Carolyn (Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court)

The rank-and-file party members around here understand that Laura has been declared here to be the future President of the United States for many reasons, not the least of which is because this is my blog. But the other appointments might require some explanation, at least to those constituents who do not (yet) know and love them as we do around here.

Although I devoted some thought to the possibility that Jonathan might be appointed Secretary, Department of Transportation, given his love of All Things Vehicular, it was only a passing thought. Jonathan’s real love is rearranging furniture. Never is any furniture on my back patio, Laura’s bedroom, his former preschool playground, or any other place Jonathan frequents in the same place that it was when he arrived. I had to draw a line in the sand during one play date when I found him trying to stack all of our other family room furniture on the couch. Sometimes Jonathan will move our patio furniture from one location to another multiple times in a single visit, and often he enlists his friends and brother to help him. Also, we already know that Jonathan is metro, so Senior White House Interior Decorator it is.

Way back in preschool, when Laura told me that she was going to marry Matthew, I asked her why. “Mommy,” she said, “because I love him and he’s my best friend.” She didn’t say, “Duh,” but her tone implied it, and, of course, those are two very good reasons to marry someone. Laura also thinks Matthew is very smart, very sweet, and very cute (even without all of his teeth). So because he is her stated intended spouse, who else but Matthew (or Henry or Brent or August)* would be the First Gentleman?

Kayla earned the nickname “Stealth Child” in preschool because of her uncanny ability to slip away unseen and appear elsewhere without anyone having noticed that she’d departed or arrived until she was gone or there. Now this trait wasn’t too much of a problem when we were hanging out on the enclosed preschool playground after school, but I used to get very nervous trying to keep an eye on her when it was my duty not to lose her during a play date with Laura. Although Helen would understand how it happened, it would, nonetheless, and understandably so, put somewhat of a major damper on our friendship if I’d lost her daughter. Anyway, add to Kayla’s stealth sKILLz the fact that she’s intelligent, self-sufficient, petite, pretty, and charming, and, well, you can readily see that she’ll have a successful stint in Special Ops leading up to her future role as a Director at the CIA.

Carolyn comes by the appointment of Chief Justice honestly, not just because she’s a crony. Carolyn loves to read, remembers every fact she’s ever learned, and a successful career in law would have her honorably following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather. Most importantly, however, she has already demonstrated that she can mount a legal defense quickly and effectively. Recently, I witnessed her getting caught running shoeless on the church courtyard. Her mother asked, “You know you aren’t allowed to run barefoot at church. Why are your shoes off?” Without missing a beat, and quite convincingly I might add, Carolyn replied, “I saw that Kayla had taken her shoes off and I thought you gave her permission, so I thought that it would be okay for me to take mine off too.”

So there you have it blog fans, the latest photo of Laura and the short list of her future political appointees.

*Laura asked me to add the parenthetical after she read this post.

5 comments on “The West Wing 2044”

  1. Absolutely fabulous blog. Nice to know that our country, will be in such brilliant hands!

    Please tell Laura thanks for Henry’s honorable mention. He just read the post too and was happy she added him…


  2. I’m conflicted. A woman President would be fabulous. Especially Laura.
    My sons as First Man and First Interior Decorator though!
    I guess it’s all good as long as they’re happy!
    BTW~I loved both Courtney and Kristen’s comments!

  3. Okay, don’t be conflicted Nance. We can ignore what Kristen and Courtney want. Matthew can be Vice President and Jonathan can be Queen. 😉


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