According to Wikipedia:

Many feminist writers have interpreted the bra as an example of how women’s clothing has shaped and even deformed women’s bodies to historically aesthetic ideals, or shaped them to conform to male expectations of what is desirable. Germaine Greer, for example, has often depicted bras as symbols of oppression, and it was views like these, considered radical by some, which perhaps gave rise to the urban legend of bra-burning ceremonies.

Laura: “Mom, I don’t like it when people say that something is ‘man-made.’”

Mom: “Oh?”

Laura: “What if something was made by a woman?”

Mom: “What if?”

Laura: “It’s exactly why I think we should be saying ‘human-made’ not ‘man-made.’”

Mom: “That’s a good point.”

And while I was getting a sore arm from patting myself on the back for raising a brilliant, feminist child, she continued . . .

Laura: “Like bras. Men don’t make those, so they shouldn’t have labels that say ‘man-made.’ Bras should have labels that say ‘woman-made’ or ‘human-made.’”

I just didn’t have the heart to tell her that although her logic was sound, sweet, and perhaps even brilliant, the fact is that all bras are not created by women, and not all women wear bras. I’ll explain all of that tomorrow. Maybe.

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  1. For many years, and even though it was a phrase I needed to use for work, I refused to say “Workman’s Comp.” Thank goodness they finally changed it to “Worker’s Comp!”

    It’s great to see the girl is pondering the big issues!

  2. ClunkClunk: Dang me! I was going to work in a mention of the bro in my post and then I forgot. I should have started this blog when I was young and focused.

  3. Just flipping through a Victoria’s Secret catalog will show you that most bras aren’t developed by women–they’re more like contraptions–like wearing a harness so you can more easily be hitched to a wagon.

    Smart girl you’ve got, although I don’t usually get caught up in the phrase “man made” or “mankind” because I read “human” into.

  4. She is brilliant, your girl! I would love to think that I’d have a raised an equally insightful girl if I’d been lucky enough to have one.

    Good luck on explaining the whole bra thing…tomorrow, right?

    Heidi 🙂

    PS: Thanks for visiting my blog. It is nice to ‘meet’ you.

  5. What I wouldn’t do some days for a nice conversation with a little girl like that…even about bras…Instead I got a little boy who fondles the manequins wearing bras in the stores. *sigh*
    (now i’m going to check to see what a “bro” is…have not a clue..thanks clunkclunk and Cheri, in advance, for whatever I find when I click the link!!)

  6. Some of my favorite feminists rock the sexiness of the bra. Brains, power, and sexy…YES! I can, however, totally understand why they don’t work for everyone, and that should be a respected choice. Being a D cup, for me, means major discomfort without a bra in the day. I’ll defend your right to be braless, but if you take away mine, you’ll get an angry earful from an unhappily bouncing feminist.

    My little sister is brilliant!

  7. Three boys – no daughters, thus no bra discussions. But to any young girl my advice would be go bra-less if you choose to but when the pregnancies & babies start – wear one! For your own sake and future comfort.
    (thanks for dropping by)

  8. Yep! Brilliant child! Myself, I haven’t worn a bra except in very specific circumstances (like unde a white shirt), since I was 18. My mother called me a pig as a result of that and not shaving my legs for years. Ah well! To each her own! I refuse to do anything just because some man thinks I should.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Cheri.

  9. Laura: “It’s exactly why I think we should be saying ‘human-made’ not ‘man-made.’”

    Oh, so, so smart! Gotta love it! And who cares if her logic was a little off–at least she’s a thinker!

    That pic of the bra is kinda freaking me out!

  10. You SHOULD be patting yourself on the back! Your daughter is making some very astute observations.

    By the way, thank you for stopping by my site the other day!

  11. What a brilliant girl. But I already knew that.

    And hopefully she will never nned to know how handy a bra is after you’ve nursed 4 babies your boobs hang so low, they get in the way of the food on your dinner plate.

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