Reminiscent of a post I recently read on Sam’s blog, a similar thing happened to me tonight . . .

I had just finished singing a lullaby to Laura tonight, as I have done almost every night, without fail, for seven-plus years.

Mommy: “Did I sound anything like Jordin Sparks?”

Laura: “Nowhere near.”

6 comments on “The Truth Hurts”

  1. Now you knew the answer to that before you asked! 😉

    Best, Gail

    P.S. Laura: Next time your Mom is trying so desperately to get a compliment, just tell her you love her anyway.

  2. Okay, I reviewed this weeks US Weekly and realize I am revealing my American Idol ignorance with my last comment. 😉

    You wouldn’t guess that I actually attended the touring show the first season, would you? 😉

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