Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig,
Does whatever a Spider-Pig does.
Can he swing from a web?
No he can’t,
He’s a pig.
Look out!
He’s a Spider-Pig.

Okay, yeah, sorry. I can’t get that song out of my head.

We went to see The Simpsons Movie over the weekend. I laughed so hard (at least during the first half) that it might have been embarrassing, except that I have done the same thing during movies such as American Pie, American Pie 2, Benchwarmers, and Nacho Libre. My taste in movies apparently never developed past adolescence. Laura’s belly laughs could be heard throughout the theater too, especially when Bart Simpson skate boarded naked through town on a dare and everyone saw his “doodle.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as they say.

After the movie, we picked up Grant and Courtney to go have sushi. On the way home we were discussing some of the intricacies of The Simpsons Movie storyline. Our family regularly engages in intellectually stimulating conversation ;), but we didn’t want to say too much this time because Grant and Courtney have not yet seen the movie. (Courtney is recovering from PRK, LASIK-like corrective eye surgery, so she pretty much can’t see at the moment.) In one scene, Maggie Simpson is coaxed to say her “first word.” Maggie obligingly pulls out her famous pacifier and says, “Se-quel.” I asked if Maggie hadn’t already said her first word during a television episode, and, as I recalled, wasn’t it Elizabeth Taylor’s voice? I remembered that there was a lot of pre-episode marketing surrounding that television event. Courtney, who has an uncanny ability to recall movie and television show dialog, said, yes, in fact, it had been Elizabeth Taylor’s voiceover, and that Maggie had said “Da-ddy.” Courtney recounted in detail that Homer had carried Maggie up to her room, placed her in her crib, bid her goodnight, and closed her door. It was at that point, Courtney said, that Maggie said her first word. “Well, if ‘Daddy’ was Maggie’s first word, then it seems to me to be a plot flaw if in the movie they referred to ‘sequel’ as Maggie’s first word,” I said. We all agreed and then sat quietly for a moment pondering this. Then Laura piped in saying, “It makes sense that they’d call ‘sequel’ Maggie’s first word, because when she said her first word in the show her door was closed, so no one else knows that Maggie said ‘Daddy.’” All that we adults (with some seven college degrees, and two more in progress, between us) could say to Laura was a collective: “D’oh!”

4 comments on “The Simpsons Movie: Spoiler Warning”

  1. I’m glad your family was able to apply some thoughtful critical analysis to this important issue. I’m impressed with your findings.

    I also laughed about the doodle. 😉

  2. Thanks alot. Now we can’t get that song outta our heads over here.

    PS. Henry and I think Laura has a future as a an executive movie continuity explainer person or something.

  3. Here is the sad thing… Grant and I are here reading this blog and then we are like “7 degrees between us.” Hmm.. we thought, “that can’t be right.” Grant, who is getting his Ph.D. in Math couldn’t figure this one out. Then I was like you have two degrees not just one degree, so that makes seven. I am smart and I can recall movie facts.

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