Adam Lambert came to San Diego last night to visit me again.


He did.

I have pictures and a signed copy of Rolling Stone Magazine to prove it.

But first a couple of photos from the concert:

Adam and Allison singing a duet
Adam belted it out, gyrated, danced,
pranced, queened it up,

and even donned a blue feather boa
(on the stage floor next to him),

God bless him and have mercy on MY soul!
(I’m still having multiple Lambergasms over this performance.)

But before the show . . . we went backstage for a meet and greet. Oh yes, we did:

Laura (with punk clothes and purple hair)
meeting Allison Iraheta, her favorite idol
“Photo op” for Laura with Allison
Laura gave Adam Lambert
her Adam Lam”bark” cartoon.

He was very gracious and sweet with her.
Can you tell that Adam Lambert adores me?
I can.
P.S. I don’t dye my hair purple for just any man.
P.P.S. I love love love my actual husband for taking this awesome photo.
Here’s Adam again, getting a second look at me.
(Adam is holding his Adam Lam”bark” cartoon.)
(And my cell phone number. Heh.)
Does he or doesn’t he . . . adore me?
The proof is on the cover of Rolling Stone.
Adam wrote:
Cheri You Rock! Adam Lambert

Oh. Yes. He. Did.
From the top, left to right:
Henry & Laura; Laura & Henry; Laura’s purple hair;
Laura; my Favorite Shirt Ever; my special and actual husband;
my three Mikes (yes, they are all mine); Trish, me & Tom; punked-out Laura
Seriously? The positive energy and affable vibe that I got from Adam Lambert backstage was palpable, and even more amazing considering the grueling pace of this tour and his recording work. This is a remarkable young man, inside and out. I suppose I’m drawn to people whose path might not have been as easy as others, and who still bloom where they’re planted. It isn’t just that Adam Lambert blooms on stage (and on all that is holy let me swear to you that watching him perform live is nothing short of a privilege and Lambergasmic, of course), but he truly appeared comfortable in his skin when I met him face-to-face, and full of light and grace as a person.

Also? I’m pretty sure that but for the husband, three children, twenty-year age difference, and my girly bits, I’d have a shot with Adam Lambert. Just look at how he looked at me (again):

39 comments on “The Secret is Out: Adam Lambert Adores Me”

  1. The look in his eyes totally says “Cheri, would you go shopping for black leather accessories with me? Pretty please?” It’s palpable. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you and your hunny got to spend some time together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh, he is totally digging you, Cheri! Congratulations on being able to actually meet him! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, is Laura’s purple hair going to be gone in time for school, or are you going to rebel against the establishment? (My husband didn’t give boy#3 a mohawk again this year… I’m almost disappointed!)

  3. I think he was surprised you didn’t show up with your nose twins.

    You’re an awesome mom for encouraging your daughter to go punk. Even more reason to get Laura and LD together. They’d totally shock Poway with their punkishness. Yeah, they’d raise the punk quotient by, like, 90%.

    P.S. Adam looooooooooooooves you! I can see it in his eyes.

  4. Cheri, just shut up!!! I can’t believe you finally met your other husband and that he looked at you with such lust.

    Even after all of this hoopla, I still say your actual legal husband is the hottest. And of course you can tell him I said that.

  5. Oh Cheri sweetie, you don’t need another husband and I don’t want another wife, but what a great bunch of pics, I wish I was in YOUR entourage…..
    and MM HMMM, that’s a lotta black and purple, oh YES…..

  6. How did you get backstage? Lucky!
    Felt sorry for Danny, though, when he promised “one more song.” I for one was chanting what I know everyone else was chanting inside :A-dam A-dam. Only problem in my section when we all stood up and danced to “Let’s Dance” the only other people standing were 40 something moms like me! And, Chris, you were shameless in belatedly trying to get my vote by singing Matchbox 20! Sheryl

  7. Oh, yeah, I CAN TOTALLY SEE IT! He is hooked on you! You two are one hawt couple!

    And that Laura, she’s so darn cute!

    Love the purple hair on you both!

    (And can I just say that Tom is one cool dude, too!)

  8. Wow, you got the whole crew to go! That is really cool. Also, you are a way cooler mom than me for the purple hair… Shhh, don’t tell my daughter ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Gawd he was hot. AND Hello Laura’s nails? Did you all see those perfect black nails with little pink guitars?
    Adam loves you all. Including your actual hawt hawt real husband! How could he not?

    That was Henry’s first rock concert (unless you count Blue Man Group??) And I think he walked a way with just the right amount of hearing loss!

    PS I saw Sheryl and Maddy in the parking lot… they were buzzing with excitement too!

  10. Good sport, Tom! Weren’t you (Tom) a little tempted to put some purple highlights in your hair too? Bet it would have been awesome to kinda match Laura and Cheri like that? I know: next time!

  11. i have to admit… i think he’s in love with you, i wouldn’t have believed it but the proof is in the tasting… those pics say it all, he wants to ravage you.

  12. Oh, Cheri. This is just TOO fabulous for words. Too, too much! How fun! I completely agree. He’s looking at you as if you are ice cream on a hot day…

    And you are!

  13. The concert was so much fun! Adam and Allison were BY FAR the best…Although everybody sounded great! It was so fun hanging out with you and Idolizing our Idol together! I especially loved it when he took off his jacket and totally, unabashedly queened it out! That was hawt! XOXO

  14. no offense, but why did laura die her whole head purple? is it another permanent one? and why the heck is she goth???? no offense but she looks kinda strange. but i like the nails and the ring!!!!! i would do that. but i think the lipstick is a lil bit too much. and im so glad laura got the texting app!! and um ya i guess thats it. i have a lot of thoughts bout those pics but i forgot!! LOL

  15. OK…now you are my idol! My daughter and I have tickets for Idol tour when they come to the east coast this fall but backstage? I bow to you.

  16. Isn’t it a joy to meet someone so spotlighted who remembers how to behave like a reasonable human being?

    I have never watched Idol and was completely unaware of the Adamtasia until you brought him up, but I can completely see the appeal. And he obviously adores you (as does your real-life husband); lucky ๐Ÿ˜€

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