For this week’s PROMPTuesday Exercise #7, San Diego Momma generated a random prompt to give a starting phrase, the setting, and two items to include in the story.

Here they are:

First sentence for the story: “Dear Diary,”

Setting: In a limousine

Two words that must be included while writing: “Missile” and “Hearth”

And here are the “rules according to Deb”:

  • You must write your entry in 10 minutes. This encourages top-of-mind, primal thinking before the ego and judgmental brain kicks in. Just set a timer, make your kid count to 600 slowly, whatever. It’s an honor system. And I trust you.
  • Keep to 250 words or less.

Here’s my entry:

The Key to Miss Illeen

Dear Diary,

Just last Sunday, Miss Ileen showed up at church in a limousine. A limousine! She was dressed all fancy-like and wore too much lipstick and rouge, if you ask me. Miss Ileen was in the company of a gentleman who looked like he was no gentleman at all, if you catch my meaning. The ladies of the Tied Together Quilting Group and I just shook our heads, which we could not help doing, of course. Who rides to church in a limousine unless she’s going to a wedding or a funeral? Well, the smile on Miss Ileen’s Maybelline-covered mouth as she exited that limousine answered any question about what was going on inside! Why, Miss Ileen was downright glowing! And I know it wasn’t the Holy Spirit that had been in her, no sir. On Judgment Day, when the good Lord looks into Miss Ileen’s heart He’s going to be surprised. But not me, and not the ladies of the quilting group; we won’t be surprised at all. We know just what Miss Ileen’s heart holds, and it is most certainly not the key to salvation. The key to a limousine is more like it.

Until next week, dear Diary,


29 comments on “The Key to Miss Ileen”

  1. …and the sauciness just keeps on coming, doesn’t it!
    If this is the kind of stuff that comes out of your mind in just 10 minutes, honey, I can’t wait until the longer stories are ready….you are planning that, aren’t you….hmmmm??!!

    **love the new picture!!

  2. cheater!

    very clever. and deb’s right. how are you not published. can this diary be a regular installment? i can imagine the tied together quilting clubs misadventures.

  3. Replying to your comment here, because you still haven’t registered an e-mail on your Blogger profile page and made it public, and why aren’t you making me happy, anyway?

    I am so sorry about your crown! Those are expensive. What with the root canal and the crown, I just explained to the kids that our summer vacation money has been spent on my mouth. I know I am not going to be happy thinking about this in August.

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