Eyes are the windows to the soul. Mothers have them in the backs of their heads. We are all eyes when we watch something closely. We don’t bat an eye when something was expected, but we are blind as a bat when we don’t see something. When we catch someone’s eye, we don’t grab the eyeball. And when we cry our eyes out, they stay in their sockets. The same is true when our eyes pop out of our heads in surprise. We feast our eyes on beautiful things. Stink eye doesn’t smell bad.

Metaphors and idioms and puns, oh eye!


I hope you didn’t mind.

Speaking of mind, let’s talk for a moment about that eye.

The mind’s eye or the third eye is said to be the state of consciousness through which we may perceive the world in an intuitive and enlightened way.  Some say that it is related to the pineal gland, which is raisin-like in size and shriveledness (that should be a word) in most people because apparently we don’t use it.

A developed third eye enables one to see what might be, to be attuned to patterns, to make connections, to answer questions, and to find meaning. One’s third eye may be natural and/or developed through training and meditation.

I attend a meditation class from time-to-time. Group meditations work better for me because peer pressure causes me to sit still and keep my insanity to myself rather than jump up to do Something Important after thirty seconds of listening to my thoughts, “I need to remember to put olive oil on my shopping list did I reset the timers on the sprinklers I have to reschedule the dermatologist I need to drink more water throughout the day because I get so thirsty at night I’m thirsty right now my nose itches don’t scratch it see if you can meditate away the itch I also need to put almonds on my grocery list in addition to uh oh I forgot the first thing I better put almonds on my grocery list before I forget that too.”

I don’t think my third eye development is going so well.

How does one develop a third eye these days?
How does one develop a third eye?

Do you meditate? Have you developed a third eye?

18 comments on “The Eyes Have It”

  1. My attempts at meditation sound suspiciously like yours. Maybe I should try a group. A friend also had some guided meditations CDs that she was recommending. I’m pretty sure my third eye hasn’t been seen or heard from in at least 40 years. 🙂

  2. Well, yes, i do meditate. Spiritual meditation through silent Quaker meeting helped develop the practice. I don’t know how to define it, strictly speaking, but I do know that this morning a couple of fresh ideas drifted in, which feels energizing and exhilirating. I am very fortunate to have a life and work that enables me to do a little meditation here and there 🙂

  3. Group meditating was part of the topic of conversation last night. I think the sense of community helps some people also. I do meditate once in a while, mostly when I don’t need almonds. No, I’ve not developed my third eye either, but I am pretty good with a pun.

  4. I have done some guided medication in a restorative yoga class but that’s about it. On my own I am thinking about some of the same things as you but not almonds as I prefer macadamias.

  5. When someone’s misplaced something, I’ll often say “I’ll keep an eye open.” Rob always responds with “just one?”.

    I have never tried to meditate. I do appreciate spans of minutes sitting and thinking in quiet, but I’ve never tried to direct my thoughts, or empty them?

    • I think sitting quietly even for a few minutes totally counts. I think the idea is to direct our thoughts toward emptying our thoughts to create room for fresh thoughts . . . or something. See why I’m having trouble? I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do, although I know I’m probably not supposed to think about my grocery list.

  6. No, I am not a meditator. I couldn’t sit still and do nothing if someone paid me a zillion dollars to do it (but I’d sure try). The only time I can turn of is bedtime, so I guess that would be my form of meditating…sleeping. 🙂
    Funny you should mention group meditation. We had a school district staff meeting last week, and I got sick half way through the school day and left early. The staff meeting was after school and so I didn’t attend. They brought someone in to teach meditation (rather than lesson our stress they just want us to control it hmmmmmm) to the group of maybe 300 teachers, admin, and support staff. I am so thankful I wasn’t there because I would have been mortified trying to meditate in a group setting. But maybe you have a good point about the peer pressure. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!

  7. Your eyeball puns have me smiling this morning.
    I’m not a good meditator; my mind won’t stop for even a minute. {just as you described} I wish I could….I often try, but alas, I’ve a wandering mind. Not a wandering eye though.
    Third eye? Isn’t that a band?

  8. I have never been that good at meditating, but when I try it does help me focus. No third eye, but grounded, like Jennifer says.

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