It is with a heavy heart that I write this post. Just today Courtney posted in her blog the happy announcement that Pete had found his soul mate, Cour-ta-ney, and that there might even be little Petes in the future. And on the very same day, in true “Circle of Life” fashion, tragedy visited Laura’s fish tank. When it was feeding time tonight, we discovered that one of Laura’s two precious Betta fish, the one whose name was “Natalie or Savannh” had passed away. Natalie or Savannah was so named after two of Laura’s friends, because she liked both names. In case you were wondering, the fish answered to either name. Laura’s other fish is named Laura. The Lauras were very, very sad to lose Natalie or Savannah so suddenly and unexpectedly. After shedding a few tears, the human Laura decided that Natalie or Savannah should have a proper burial in the backyard rather than an Nemo-style, all-drains-lead-to-the-ocean, “burial at sea.” Daddy used a plastic spoon to fish Natalie or Savannah out of the tank and placed her in a baggie. Laura made a headstone from a flat wooden stick which says “Natalie” on one side and “Savannah” on the other, because the fish’s name was, after all, Natalie or Savannah.

Laura said a few words at the graveside service, which were as follows:

“Natalie or Savannah was a good fish. She made me happy.”

Then Daddy placed the little cadaver into its grave and covered it with soil. Laura placed the little headstone at the top of the grave.

Laura made another marker for Natalie or Savannah’s empty side of the tank (which is separated by a plastic divider from the side of the tank which is occupied by the other Betta fish, Laura). The tank marker on the empty side says, “This Fish Died.”

We will fondly remember the good times with Natalie or Savannah. Here is a picture from March 2005 of Laura preparing the tank for the arrival of her two new little Betta friends, Natalie or Savannah and Laura.

Last year, the children in Laura’s Kindergarten class brought in pictures of themselves with their favorite animal or pet. This is the picture that Laura brought to class of her and her two little Betta fish.

Natalie or Savannah is survived by her friend Laura, the other Betta fish, and her friend Laura, the human.

Rest in peace little friend of Laura and Laura.

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  1. Henry also lost a fish when he was 4. His name was Dennis. A first experience with death. He made a little coffin and wrote … Here lies Dennis – he died. He said a prayer over his grave. Henry is dictating now… tell them how he died Mummy… How, Henry I forget? … You put water in his bowl while I was at Kindercare and it was too hot… by the way Laura, you shouldn’t put beta fish in a tank together. Haven’t you seen the Pink Panther? Inspector Clouseau put his elbow in the tank and they ate that part of his suit off. Inspector Clouseau is 100% funny. Pictures of Dennis’s funeral were emailed. 🙁

  2. The fish were not together, they were separated by a little plastic tank divider. There can only be one male Betta in a tank because males are so aggressive. Go figure. Since we didn’t know what gender Laura’s Bettas were (Laura deemed them female, but we didn’t know for sure), we separated them, just in case. 😉

    You offed Henry’s fish with water that was too hot? Henceforth you shall be known as Darla.

    Thanks for the photos. It will help Laura’s grief to know that she is not alone.

  3. Laura’s fish are male Bettas. The male Bettas are more popular than the female Bettas. The males are all fancy looking. Petco has some nice fish. They have “crown” Bettas and they are cool. If you felt like getting Goo a new fish.

  4. We’re so sorry about Natalie or Savannah, Laura! We love you!

    BTW, Clouseau rocks, but Cato (Kato?) is the best part.

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