You’ve been glued to your all week waiting to learn the destination of our annual pilgrimage, haven’t you? Once again, our happy feet took us to the Happiest Place on Earth (or so it is dubbed by that magical group of marketing mice over at Disney).

We Nourished Our Souls
(Read: We Ate Mass Quantities of Junk Food)
We Paid Homage to Creative Genius
(Read: We Submitted to the Power
of Multinational Corporate Domination)
We Felt Our Spirits Soar
(Read: We Enjoyed Rides and Other Attractions)
We Donned Ceremonial Garb
(Read: We Wore Themed Shirts and Hats)
We Studied Sacred Texts to Earn Rites of Passage
(Read: Adam Googled for Tips on How To
Make Efficient Use of the Fastpass Service)
We Demonstrated Our Solidarity with Other Americans
(Read: We Waited in Long Lines)
We Got Soaked
(Read: We Spent Lots of Money)

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31 comments on “The Annual Pilgrimage Destination is Revealed”

  1. Wow! We went to Disneyland and had a great time… Until we tried to get pictures with Mickey Mouse. It was the last thing we did for the day, and it kind of ruined the day. 🙂 Your trip sounds much better!

  2. I’m glad you all had a good time! I don’t do Disneyland! Ahhhhhhhhhhh. But I admire people who do! 🙂

    I LOVE the blue and pink t-shirts!

    You have a beautiful family!

  3. thank YOU katydidnot…I was just thinking the same thing!!! the R stumped me in the “guess where we are going” post…i was going crazy trying to think of places with an R in them….
    Love the girl/boy matching shirts…not many men would do that willingly…what great guys you have!!

  4. You make it look so much fun.
    (Read: I don’t quite buy into “The Happiest Place on Earth” thing.)
    I need to come on the pilgrimage with the “R” family. You do it up right!

    (Welcome back!)

  5. Whoo hoo! A flirtatious bear!
    Listen, I would give my left pinky (almost) for a little Mickey waffle maker (is that what you had, or was it a pancake?). Maybe Santa will reward me for a virtuous year.

  6. We took to kids to San Diego, years ago, and did the whole Sea World, zoo, beach thing.(Kind of a Chevy Chase Vacation) They were fighting in the back seat and both bawling before we were 2 miles out of town and we live in Colorado! So we still had a long way to drive.
    Glad you had a good time! Our yearly pilgrimage is a camping trip to the mountains.
    I definately thought you were in Lego Land.

  7. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that you don’t have photos of the whole family in mouse ears, although it does look like you had lots of cool, tacky fun. Also, I can’t for the life of me fathom what kind of food that mouse-shaped thing could possibly be.

  8. Checked out your flickr photos, they were great- looked like you guys did have fun. Though I cannot fathom the attraction of crowds, lines, and really expensive everything. Wouldn’t be my idea of a good time, but glad you guys had fun!

  9. We’re going to Disneyland for the first time next Friday. I’m bracing myself for a flight cross country with my 3 and 5 year old boys. I know the plane has beer. Does Disneyland?

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