Tom, Laura, and I were playing the board game, Hear Me Out! Players of this game “free-associate” on a wide range of topics.

Laura drew a card that said to write down the names of three influential Bible figures.

We each wrote down three names and then compared our answers.

Tom: Jesus, Noah, and Moses.

Cheri: God, Jesus, and Noah.

Laura: God, Bruce, and Evan.


Tom: Laura, you do know that Evan Almighty was based on the person in the Bible who built an ark, right?

Laura: Yes, Joan of Arc.

Cheri: And you were worried that she’d be brainwashed at church?

37 comments on “The Almighty Brothers”

  1. Ha! Brilliant.

    I LOVE this kinda kid logic. Totally natural. Despite being a regular church goer and, let’s face it, knowing quite a bit of history (I like reading about it) and knowing the Bible reasonably well, I still get some of the names mixed up myself.

    I mean, she’s right isn’t she. It as Joan of Arc who built the Ark? I’m sure of it…

  2. I know the Bible really well, being an 18 year church goer/catholic school survivor. Morgan Freeman, Jim Carrey, and Steve Carell are in the bible. You haven’t read that chapter? It’s the Gospel according to Laura. Duh.

  3. You know, that book was written by many people, many years after any of the historical facts. Maybe she’s got it right. We all know that God is still trying to get the gender references to her corrected.

  4. hahaha. sometimes people say things without thinking first. that’s pretty funny though.
    one time, i was at the beach and i saw a big bird flying by. I pointed and out of my mouth came “Look, a penguin!”
    of course, penguins can’t fly, and i meant pelican.

  5. HA HA HA!!! We were playing the game this weekend and we unanimously decided to skip that card…I’m glad you came across it. 🙂

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