As you drift along in the raft, the river sparkles, the sun warms your back, and the breeze cools your face. The trees and tall grass along the riverbed beckon you to admire them. Occasionally, you might use your paddle to move the raft along or steer gently. It is an opportunity to reflect on life like the sun’s rays on the water.

Along the way, the water becomes shallow in places, and where rocks and boulders become more plentiful and closer to the surface, the flow of the water changes. This is where the river hosts its white waters. The white water is powerful and beautiful and exciting. The turbulent water is also dangerous to those who do not understand and revere it or have a guide.

In the midst of the rapid waters, sometimes the people on one side of the raft must paddle like hell, while the people on the other side have to pull their oars completely out of the water. There are even times when it is necessary to paddle backwards. To keep the raft from capsizing, it is essential that everyone in the raft work together as a team, being willing to do the hard work or being willing to let go of the need to control things as necessary.

Although you may have been splashed or even soaked in the white waters, once the raft is gliding in the calm part of the river as it inevitably will again, the warm sun on your back feels especially comforting, and the cool breeze on your face is particularly refreshing. It is another opportunity to reflect on life like the sun’s rays on the water.