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I Had a Nightmare

NaBloPoMo Day Six:
I Had a Nightmare

You thought this was going to be about politics, huh?

Or maybe religion?


It’s about the other one.

You know what I mean.

(My mother-in-law and my children should avert their eyes now.)

I had a nightmare. In my dream I found out that Tom had “visited” a hooker. You dream-interpreting bloggers may feel free to go to town with this one. I think I dreamed it because we’ve been having lots of hawt “green beans” these days, and I had even written a post about having lots of hawt green beans when you’re married, which I may or may not eventually post here depending upon how desperate to meet the daily NaBloPoMo daily post quota gutsy I’m feeling at the time. Tom, perhaps attempting to create a diversion, told me that he thinks I dreamed he went to a hooker because of a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit rerun we watched the day before. Uh huh. So. Whatever my dream may or may not have meant, when I awoke I was all emotional and told Tom that my dream felt real.

Cheri [whiny]: “I’m all sad and mad at you.”

Tom [lovingly]: I’m sorry you’re sad, but you can’t be mad at me for something I didn’t do.”

Cheri [whiny]: Well, the dream felt real, so I’m sad and mad.

Tom [tenderly]: I love you.

Cheri [still whiny]: “Tom, tell me you’ve never had sex with a hooker. Please.”

Tom [smiling and feigning an Arkansas accent]: “I never had sexual relations with a hooker.”

Cheri: “Crap.”

Readers: When was the last time you had green beans a nightmare that felt real?

Pottery, Not Politics

Today seems like a fine time to say that the point I tried to make in my last post was not about politics or who I want to be our next president. My point was that now is the time to willingly share truthful information with each other, and respect each others’ differences. And, that regardless of party affiliation, if we approach each other now with open hands and hearts, we will all find ourselves in a better place on November 5, 2008, no matter who is our next president.

Maybe I could have made my point about communicating with each other openly and honestly better if I had talked about pottery, not politics.

“Centering: the act which precedes all others on the potter’s wheel. The bringing of the clay into a spinning, unwobbling pivot, which will then be free to take innumerable shapes as potter and clay press against each other. The firm, tender, sensitive pressure which yields as much as it asserts. It is like a handclasp between two living hands, receiving the greeting at the very moment that they give it. It is this speech between the hand and clay that make me think of dialogue. And it is a language far more interesting than the spoken vocabulary which tries to describe it for it is spoken not by the tongue and lips but by the whole body, and by the whole person, speaking and listening. . . . To be open in what we hear, to be open in what we say . . .”

Mary Caroline Richards, Centering in Pottery, Poetry, and the Person

Why pottery? Aside from the fact that pottery does provide such a lovely segue from politics to anything-but-politics? Laura and I have recently become blog buddies with Gary of Potter’s Blog, and we want to introduce you to him because Laura and I are nice like that. Gary has a purple house, a pretty wife, likes beer, and has playful pets. And his pottery rocks. Stop by his blog (there is a link there to his Etsy store).

We got this cow bowl by Gary (and you know we gotta have more cow bell bowl around here):

It even has cute little udders. And Gary sent this cute piggie pencil for Laura, which she uses for her homework every night. Laura swooned when she saw the piggie pencil. I pet the cow bowl 500 times every day.

And when Gary learned that Laura loves ducks, he started working on this duck bowl and duck mug (I will post pictures or a link to Gary’s pictures when they are finished); when she saw these, Laura swooned again:

Laura asked me to show Gary pictures of the duck bowl she painted. You may note that the bowl actually has a relief image of a dog’s face in the bowl, but Laura likes ducks and so she painted over it.

And Laura has worked on a potter’s wheel too. She wanted Gary to see the small duck pitcher she created and glazed. She uses it to hold the milk she will pour on her granola. Laura would like Gary to know that the glaze she used is more purple in color, rather than the brownish color it seems in her mother’s sucky photograph. This is important because Laura, Cheri, and Gary love purple.

But really? Why talk about pottery or politics when we can discuss shoes. Gary asked in a recent blog post, What do your Converse Chuck Taylors say about you? So in his comment section I told him: “My Chuck Taylors (low-top, black) have Swarovski crystals glued to the toes. Yes, they do.” Gary emailed me and asked me for a picture. Now Jenn @ Juggling Life and katydidnot have had the opportunity to ooo and ahh over my Swarovski encrusted sneakers in person, oh yes they have. After all the lovely pottery and open communications he shares with us, how could I not share with our dearest Gary the small token of a photo? So now I must ask you, Mr. Pottersblog, What do my Chuck Taylors say about me?

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