Just this week, I happened to walk by a very large, gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers. I was instantly charmed. Struck by their sunny dispositions and proud posture in the vase that contained them, they simply drew my attention from any thought except that I ought to take a moment to bask in the splendor of them. Happy to share the moment, I cheerfully called out to Laura and her friends, Matthew and Jonathan, who were walking in front of me.

Me: “Hey, little dudes, look over at that those beautiful sunflowers there. Look at how magnificent they are!”

Kids: [Silence]

Me: “Look at how stunning they are!”

Kids: [Silence]

Me: “Look at how breathtaking they are!”

Kids: [Silence]

Me: “Can one of you even think of a time when you’ve ever looked at anything more glorious than those sunflowers?”

Matthew: “Yeah, when I’ve looked at Legos®.”

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