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The Adam Lambert Tribute Haiku


my whole lotta love
looked in my eyes, his were lined
then danced like a queen

26 comments on “Silly Haiku Wednesday: The Adam Lambert Tribute”

  1. You are really into this guy!

    I am only now having time to visit other blogs! Thanks for following my Paris trip!! I’ll be home by Sunday!

  2. That is awesome.

    Seriously, though…I saw an interview where he said that some of those women who drool over him may have a chance…he’s not against it…so there you go.

    And he is hawt.

    too bad you couldn’t have got one of those ziplock bags your spammer spoke of and snipped off some of his hair and put it in the bag….for … what? I don’t know.

  3. i had something interesting to say. but now i don’t. because i just read the comments and i want more information on the free ziploc sample. is this a free sample of a ziploc bag? because what? that’s a new concept and we’re all so unfamiliar with how a ziploc bag might work? wtf?

  4. boo to spammers.
    when i see unsolicited ads that annoy me, i avoid doing business with those people.
    i still won’t use obitz or expedia because they used to spam with big ugly blinking banners ten or fifteen years ago.

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