’s Pat Kirwan wrote this about tonight’s first Monday Night Football broadcast for the 2006 NFL season:

What a special treat. We get to see two Monday Night Football games with the Vikings traveling to Washington followed by the Chargers going to the “Black Hole” for a divisional game against the Raiders.

In a somewhat contradictory but still cheerful response,’s Cheri wrote the following about tonight’s first Monday Night Football broadcast for the 2006 NFL season:

Tom and I fell in love during the spring of our first year in law school. You know, springtime love, the kind of love that ripens when flowers are blooming and birds are singing. Tom was handsome, smart, sweet and funny. I was thin. We both had bright futures ahead of us in the legal profession. He had nice biceps. I wore size four jeans. During our first semester in law school we were friends. Then we became good friends. Later in the school year we started seeing each other romantically. I knew that I had found a good one in Tom, and Tom knew that he found someone who thought so. But still, luckily for us we both progressed along Eros Boulevard at relatively the same rate. There were no unrequited feelings or unanswered passions. By the end of the summer that year, we were both quite smitten with each other. But something also happens at the end of summer each and every year, a seemingly innocuous little event called the beginning of the NFL season. No matter what Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, or Harville Hendrix might have to say, I had no way to know in advance of falling in love with Tom what happens to him during football season. I know, I know, love is blind and all that. Bologna! What emerged from my newly beloved came as a surprise to me because it was a surprise, darn it. So no matter how unhealthy it may sound, and despite the denial in which I must fester to do so, I will always maintain that I could not have seen it coming until I had the opportunity to watch Tom watch a Rams game, and by then it was too late for me. I was already in love. And that is how it came to pass that I became Tom’s football widow before I became his bride.

Fourteen Years Later
A Haiku by Cheri

Monday Night Football
Our love endures overtime
Pass the Doritos®

4 comments on “Seasonal Football Widow Syndrome”

  1. I think that the line “I knew I had found a good one in Tom, and Tom knew that he’d found someone who thought so” needs to go right into a detective novel. Fabu!

  2. It wouldn’t be such a shame if the season wasn’t soooo long and come around again soooo quickly.

    Hey, look at the bright side… Tom could have a huge beer gut and only watch football with his shirt off or his wife-beater on all the while shouting at you to get him some more chicken and beer… and make it snappy will ya?

    Nice Haiku!

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