bob.clock_Laura can tell you what nineteen to the power of nineteen is. She can tell you the difference between a tonic note and a dominant note. Laura can tell you what each planet in the solar system is made of, the names of every dinosaur and what they eat, and the number of every hotel room we’ve ever stayed in on any given vacation we’ve ever taken. The other day while riding her scooter, she explained to me why she likes the winter solstice (her birthday is in winter), the summer solstice (a longer day in which to ride her scooter), and equinox (because she gets just as much sleep as she gets energy).

Not a fact that goes into Laura’s brain ever gets lost, but then every now and again she says or does something to remind me that while my ability to understand her math homework declines by the week, tucked around that brain of hers is the innocence and wonder of a sweet, little girl. The following conversation took place last weekend:

Laura: “Mommy, on Christmas Eve, Daddy offered me a choice of three presents that I could give to you.”

Mommy: “Oh, he did?”

Laura: “Yes, he let me choose between a really cool clock, a Pirates of the Caribbean DVD, or surround-sound earbuds.”

Mommy: “Oh.”

Laura: “Yes. And, of course, you know that I picked the clock, which turned out to be a really good thing.”

Mommy: “It was a good thing, because I really like the clock.”

Laura: “It was also a good thing I picked the clock because the next morning Santa brought you the DVD and earbuds. If I’d have picked one of those, then you would have gotten two of them.”

*Originally posted at Blog This Mom!® on February 3, 2007; Laura was seven.

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  1. Ah, the innocence. Lovely!

    I am about to start the annual offering of such choices with my youngest child, who is considerably older than seven. This is the first year she has had any interest in spending her own money on gifts for others (sigh. where did I go wrong in my parenting?) and she had a rude awakening when she discovered how much things cost in the real world, even for simple things.

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