We the people of Blog This Mom!, in order to form a more perfect GIVEAWAY, establish a winner, insure Internet tranquility, provide for the common giddiness, promote the general hawtness, and secure the blessings of frivolity to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish that we used the Random Integer Transmogrifer to pick San Diego Momma as the Luckiest Duckiest Duck in all the Land.

Also, Deb, I’m mailing you two keychains because I can’t get rid of these cheap pieces of crap fast enough so that Toots and Booger don’t have to have a Jell-O wrestling match to see who gets to keep it. Ack! I wonder how many Google hits will come from the search term “Jell-O wrestling match” in this post? Or, Deb, should I mail four keychains so that you and the Rock won’t have to Jell-O wrestle Toots and Booger?

It’s unbecoming when parents bully their children and take their toys. Tom and I would never do such a thing. If Courtney even tries to tell you that we used to steal Bernie, her Saint Bernard Beanie Baby, and do things like put him in the blender or on the top of the Christmas tree dressed in a little angel outfit? She’d be mistaken. But I digress.

Congratulations, Deb, and I’ll get ’round to PROMPTuesday ASAP where ASAP equals Oy Vey I Gotta Go Pick Up Laura From School And I Haven’t Even Taken A Shower Yet.

Edited to add: The answer was ten. D’oh!

Edited again to add: Some people have written in suggesting that one way to get rid of an additional cheap piece of crap spread good cheer throughout the land would be to send a keychain to the first person who got the answer correct. Here at Blog This Mom! headquarters we are decluttering and would be happy to give away one more keychain. Did I mention that we are still decluttering would just love to spread good cheer throughout the land?

24 comments on “San Diego Momma is a Lucky Ducky!”

  1. I haven’t taken a shower yet either and I have to go pick up LD from school. This is why I adore you.

    As for the ducks, QUACK! I think you should spread the joy to all and give them to everyone!


    Da Goddess

  2. School pick up and drop off (and the gym) are the only places I’ll go with a ballcap on for just that reason… they’re not high up on my shower priority list.

  3. I the person of San Diego Momma, in order to be a more perfect recipient, establish thankfulness, insure gratefulness to ye, provide for the common duckness, promote the general yellow, and secure the blessings of quackity to ourselves and our hilarity, do ordain and establish this invitation to the Jell-O Wrestling Assn. of America.

  4. I think San Diego Momma is super-swell and super-deserving of your good cheer! She IS the “Luckiest Duckiest Duck in all the Land”.

    The people of Blog This Mom! are cool, and smart, and pretty and should run for President.

  5. I am relieved to learn that I am not the only one who suddenly finds the day has slipped by in a showerless state. No, not the entire state…just me and my CA buddy Cheri 😉

  6. I will gladly relieve you of excessive duckage. I already have a small, but cute collection going. As does my daughter. And keychains? DUDE! She lives for keychains.

    Da Goddess

  7. I have been totally negligent in my blog reading as well as writing! Cheri- you are just about the funniest person I know, yo! Whassup with that yo thing? It’s funny, though, yo. Anyway, I will try to come around more often.

  8. Hi! I’m Denise from Rancho Bernardo! Nice to “meet” you and I must say your blog cracks me up!! You have a great sense of humor!!

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