Blog This Mom® does not do paid book, event, or product reviews with only two exceptions listed below (unless Cheri changes her my mind and adds more exceptions).  Cheri does occasionally pimp the goods of her crafty friends, talk about books, and post reviews of concerts and other fun events, but she does it for free, which is more like sharing and less like pimping.  In fact, there is a whole “Me Being a Pimp” category on this blog, which probably should be called “Me Being a Nice, Sharing Person,” but it’s called the former because the latter sounds boring, that’s why.

Exceptions to “Me Being a Pimp” for free rule at Blog This Mom!®:

1. Tickets to Disney events.  I used to get them from time to time because somehow my name got on a media list and Disney didn’t know better.  Heh.  But seriously, Disney did used to give me free tickets to events when I was an active blogger (which was prior to this time that I may or may not be an active blogger again, which is now, maybe), and they gave freely without requiring any reviews (but I think they had hopes, you know?).  Nevertheless, before, during, and since those days of free event tickets, I wrote about Disneyland even when I was there on my own dime because I love Disneyland, yo.  And Disney World.  And Epcot.  (But Disneyland Paris, not so much.) Therefore, I can and will accept free Disney tickets and write about Disney without feeling like a ho (whether or not I actually am one).  I just don’t know how to get back on that Disney list.

2.  Adam Lambert anythings.  I will gladly accept Adam Lambert concert tickets, backstage passes, music, and/or merchandise of any kind.  I have yet to receive any Adam Lambert freebies, and, in fact, I have been known to mortgage my house to pay StubHub prices for concert tickets.  Also, I have been known to give away Adam Lambert CDs on this blog, mostly to introduce people to his music so they can be hooked on him too.  Kind of like how a drug dealer operates except no one goes to prison or rehab.  Without getting anything free, I write positive things about anything to do with Adam Lambert, ridiculously often.  This is because Adam Lambert is undeniably awesome. Obviously.  Therefore, I can and will accept free Adam Lambert anythings and write about Adam Lambert without feeling like a ho (whether or not I actually am one).  I just don’t know how to get on the Adam Lambert list, if there even is a list, which I also don’t know.