Laura: “Did everyone in our family vote for Hillary Clinton?”

Mommy: “No. Mommy, Daddy, and one sister voted for Hillary. Your other sister voted for Barack Obama.”

Laura [distressed]: “She did?”

Mommy: “Yes, Honey, she did, and that’s a good thing. Do you remember how we talked about being fortunate that we get to have a voice in making decisions for our country? And how we said that the upcoming election is an important time to respect each other’s choices and appreciate our differences?”

Laura: “Well, yes, but she still should have voted for Hillary.”

Mommy: “Actually, I happen to think that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are great choices. I think both of your sisters made good and informed choices.”

Laura: “Well, I think we should get revenge.”

Mommy: “No, Honey, we’d only get revenge if one of them had gone over to the dark side voted Republican.”

15 comments on “Revenge of the Sis”

  1. I hope Laura doesn’t want to take revenge on me as well. With that said I don’t quite see how Hillary was predicted to win California, and more so, how she won. Maybe we’re just an Obama campus as our precincts voted 2663 Obama to Hillary’s 1043. They both came to Santa Barbara to speak, so it wasn’t due to a lack of presence.

    Either way, whomever the super delegates choose, that’ll be my candidate. Though I must agree with suburbandcorrespondent; Hillary has less of a chance to beat McCain.

  2. As the “political blacksheep” of our family (I am the only non-republican!), I can sympathize with your sister….sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
    I too am for Obama…Hillary kind of scares me sometimes.
    Plus, can you imagine Bill in the White House again…lord only knows what kind of trouble he’d get into this time…but he would make in a fun ride, I think!!

  3. I was near Laura’s age when my mom took me to see Bill Clinton speak at UCLA during his campaign. She turned over a trash can for me to stand on and see over the crowd. Politics seemed a lot simpler then, as it does to a lot of kids (even the brilliant Laura), but it was a profound moment in my life. Now, as voting adult, I voted for the candidate who I thought would bring about the most and desperately needed positive change–Obama.

    The sister and only family member who voted Obama,

    P.S. As I am thinking about it, it must be said…Hillary Clinton’s punitive to the poor plan for healthcare and near blazing guns stance on foreign policy worries me.

  4. @Misty: I will tell you what I told Laura when she told me (with dismay in her voice) that she just found out one of her (eight-year-old) best friends is a Republican. “Darling, believe it or not, some of the best people are.”

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