A: Johnny Depp and this blog share a birthday.

Blog This Mom! is four today. Mr. Depp is forty-seven, but found time away from his private Caribbean island to come by to celebrate.

(The Captain Jack photo was plundered from Google Images and mercilessly ravaged to suit the self-serving purposes of Blog This Mom!)

30 comments on “Q: How is this blog like Johnny Depp?”

  1. You. are so cool.
    i bow down to you, oh master…and aspire to be like you….which is why i spend so very much time over at that piknik place!!
    Happy birthday Johnny and Blog This Mom!! May you have many, many more years of greatness!!!

  2. happy birthday cherie!
    your blog is awesome.
    johnny depp can’t hold a candle to you.
    (aha! the secret about your hot-waxed brows is out of the bag. i won’t tell…)

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