Have you noticed?

Blog This Mom! has a new outfit on.

Isn’t it purdy?

Be honest.

Does it make my butt look fat?

So I bet you’re wondering where I got this lovely new outfit. It just so happens that Melanie at BeanPaste, with her big heart and mad photography/design skills, donated not one, not two, but three new blog designs for the NieNie Benefit Auction. And guess what? I won one of them!

So . . . Melanie waved her magic wand, sprinkled some fairy dust, and whipped up a new masthead, tweaked colors, fiddled with fonts, and laid out new layouts. She still has a bit more to do, she says, although things look pretty groovy to me.

After Melanie tweaked fonts and colors and stuff, I went in and tweaked fonts and colors and stuff too. You know how you just gotta play with your hair after getting it cut and styled? It was like that. I just had to fiddle around with it. So anything that doesn’t look purdy is my doing.

Melanie was so sweet about everything too.

During the transition period Melanie sent me comforting emails.

During the transition period I alternately passed out, ate M&Ms, hit the refresh button on my blog every two seconds, ate M&Ms, broke out in a cold sweat, ate M&Ms, fretted, ate M&Ms, and was grateful for Melanie’s patient competence.

I might be all iPhone boyfriend blah blah blah and laptop boyfriend yada yada yada and blog this and flickr that, but the truth is that I. Am. A. Big. Scaredy. Cat. when it comes to making changes to anything, particularly changes to anything with a byte.

I’m still all tWitchy.

Another handful of M&Ms ought to help.

I am grateful to Melanie for coming by to help me put on the Ritz in time for the new year. Melanie’s custom blog designs come with generosity, soothing emails, and patience. Go check out her website for details. M&Ms not included.

BeanPaste Design

(Pictures courtesy of Google Images.)

38 comments on “Puttin’ on the Ritz”

  1. why am i not on your masthead? i’m your wife. wife. do you see?

    it’s lovely, and your ass looks fantastic in it. which is, i’m sure due in large part to the m+ms. can i have some?

  2. Well it looks darned good!! Congratulations to you both! How many m & m’s did you go through?

    I am nervously contemplating a blog change – I want to be able to make some of my longer posts do the “read more” thing so the front page doesn’t get all cluttered up.

    But I’m afraid to actually try it.

    If you can do it, I guess I can muster up the courage.

  3. The new look is gorgeous. I would guess, not having seen your butt, that the site doesn’t make it look any bigger. However, the M&M’s… you might have to think about that.

  4. It makes your butt/blog look fabulous! HTML, “bytes” and the like terrify me as well – hence the look of my blog. I’ll check out Melanie’s site. (And buy some M&Ms.)

  5. Cheri, I read your comment on my Little India post. I’m bummed that you had a bad experience. I’ve heard the IS&S chain is uneven.

    If you still trust me, you might check out the branch for Surati Farsan Mart in San Diego – here’s the link to the address:


    I’ve only gone to the one in Artesia I describe in my post, but the folks on Chowhound say the San Diego branch is good.


  6. wow. your new place is beautiful…so rich looking…so mahvelous. You won’t forget about us “little people” now, will you?
    That melanie…she’s the best, isn’t she? she sure steered you (and your not-fat ass) in the right direction!!
    congratulations on the new look!!
    M&Ms…good choice…were they plain or peanut? or peanut butter?

  7. It’s fan-tab-u-lous! Just as you are!

    I know I caused trouble with you blog in the past with my “sign in” on my blog, and I DO a-pol-u-gize!

    Have I earned my way back into your side bar yet??! : )

    How could I NOT be a part of something that makes your “butt” look so awe-some!

    I’ll send more dark chocolate!

  8. Wait. Where’s your ass? I didn’t see your ass? Who saw your ass? Should I click on something?

    I like dark chocolate M&Ms too, but the plain ones. My husband likes the dark chocolate peanut ones.

    I’m going back to look for your ass…

  9. If M&Ms does the trick to improve appearances of blogs, I’m quite inclined to head out and buy a truckful. Did I type truckful? Perhaps trunkful? I’d need to buy a truck too if I bought a truckful. That’s much too expensive…. I’ll buy a trunkful. That should do the trick.

    (PS: I posted a photo of the turkey potpie in case you are curious).

  10. I like the new header, man. It’s hawt.

    But not as hawt as my header. Which, come to think of it, I also need to fix.

    Now I have to work on it. NOT hawt.

    Thanks a lot for the reminder, you biotch.

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