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Deb at San Diego Momma is hosting PROMPTuesday #25: The Wine’s Drunk, But the Memories Remain

Deb’s Prompt: Describe a lovely (or horrible, if you run that way) drink you shared with a lover/friend/enemy/etc. The drink could be wine or coffee or Jamba Juice. BUT, the drink should have been life-changing in some way. Share the story as a vignette, poem, one-liner, however you like.

Deb’s Rules: No rules. (Woo hoo!)

Giggle Over Spilled Wine

I brought a picnic basket because Detached McSuave had coveted box seats. I packed a corkscrew, carefully selected table linens, and brought along stemmed glasses. But then nothing about the sustenance in the picnic basket turned out right. Really, it was a perfect metaphor for how it was with McSuave in general. The baguette was stale, the pate was grainy, and the cheese did not stand alone. And there was wine. Red, red wine.

He opened the bottle and poured. We each sipped from our glasses. I immediately realized that the wine had a slightly acidic quality. It had been in my cupboard too long. I should have bought a fresh bottle; he had box seats after all. I was about to comment, but then noticed the unspoken disparagement that flit across his eyes. The circuitous conversation that typically flowed between us did not, so I tried to rally, as I tend to do. I chirped and babbled and attempted cheery conversation marked with animated expressions. And then my animated expressions knocked over his wine glass. A large, red, wet stain covered his pants, mostly on his crotch and upper thighs. I handed him my linen napkin, but he might have noticed the unspoken amusement that flit across my eyes.

There we all were at the Hollywood Bowl. You were sitting somewhere else with someone else, and I was sitting in those box seats with McSuave. It would be a couple of years before we would sit at the Hollywood Bowl together. And it would be a couple of years after that before we’d put two and two together and figure out that we’d both been at the Hollywood Bowl that same night. There to see a movie on the Bowl’s big screen, but seventeen years later neither one of us remembers the name of the film.

30 comments on “PROMPTuesday #25: Giggle Over Spilled Wine”

  1. Stunning. Love the metaphor, the repeated phrases (“unspoken…flit across eyes”), and the greatest line? “The cheese did not stand alone.” You are brilliant.

    And no freaking way you are 8 years older than I. Seriously. I can only dream of being so cool.

  2. Anyone who can’t laugh over spilled wine isn’t worth a stale baguette. But I don’t need to tell you that. Doesn’t it make you stop and think the way things inter-connect?

  3. Excellent question PhD in Yogurtry!

    Tom doesn’t kiss and tell (unlike his blabbermouth wife, obviously), although if I wanted to know, I’m sure he’d not keep it a secret from me. I’ve just never asked him since I already know (and like) the ending.

  4. I’m so glad you live in San Diego so your awesomeness rays can shine on me.

    I love the Hollywood Bowl! But that’s not the point.

    Also love the “cheese did not stand alone.” And McSuave sounded like he was on his period, so the red crotch is perfect!

    Somebody get me a valium,

  5. Loved it. I love it when a skilled writer can reveal a character so fully and yet so subtly.

    And funny, too, with a surprise pulled on us at the end. You rock.

    I am not worthy….

  6. I really enjoyed this. Although I question the reality of a baguette that is anything BUT stale…

    And thanks so much for stopping in over at my own silliness! Next time warn me, and I’ll tidy up a bit. 🙂

  7. How incredibly cool is it that Tom was also there at the same time!? Great short story…you are just too cool for words…so I’ll stop. 😀

    A long time ago before marriage, the K-man and I went to the Bowl…he felt as if he were in the presence of greatness gone by…the Beatles played on that stage…and he stood on that stage. A great moment in my man’s life.

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