Mrs. G. planned an Open House over at Derfwad Manor, and she asked the following:

“Reader, where is the heart of your home? What room in your house makes you breathe easier-makes you feel genuinely content?”

Mrs. G., that hostess with the mostest, has folks all over the Blogosphere opening their front doors so we can peek inside each other’s homes. There are links to these open doors! Go see! Go see them all! But first . . .

Welcome to our home. We spend most of our hang time in the family room, which adjoins the kitchen and from which we have easy access to the place that we spend many happy hours with family and friends, our pool. And near the family room/kitchen, in what is supposed to be the formal dining room, is our pool table.

I have helpfully provided photos and a number key to guide you during your visit. 😉

The Family Room

1. This painting (sorry about the gaze-obstructing glare) is by Kristen, the oldest daughter, which she did in high school. It is my very favorite painting on Earth. I have other very favorite paintings on Earth by Kristen, hanging in other rooms.

2. These shelves are not usually so clear and tidy. They typically hold tons o’ family photos in frames. The photos were packed away in favor of “staging” a more open and less personal appearance when we thought about moving recently. We decided against moving, and the photos are going back on the shelf . . . when I get around to it. In fact, lest anyone be deceived by the absence of piles of crap in each of these photos, it is merely a result of said staging. I used these photos (taken a month or so ago during said staging) rather than taking new ones today, so as to avoid photographing the piles of crap strewn about the place (And by crap I don’t mean “crap” in the literal sense. We don’t have pets, except for the fish, and all of us are potty-trained at this point. I mean piles of shoes, sweatshirts, dolls, papers, jump ropes, school papers, DVDs, DVD cases, WiiMotes, art projects, markers, games, junk mail, actual mail, etc.)

3. This television set was left behind (yes, really) by the previous owners. It looks much more impressive than it is. The screen is a nice size, but you have to sit smack dab in front of it for the picture to look any good. How we suffer. I keep hoping that a WiiMote will fly into the screen and provide us with a proper excuse to get one of those big honkin’ plasma deals.

4. This is the rocking chair that I got when Kristen was born, over 23 years ago. I am saving it to give to her when she has her first baby. I’m saving it right here, in our family room.

5. This is where Tom and Laura play chess. Tom has played in tournaments and has a rating and stuff. In Kindergarten, Laura was the youngest and only girl in her after-school chess club. Tom and Laura are like that.

6. Um, so, you can’t really see the couch, more like just an armrest, but it has the best view of the television, second only to the love seat, of which only another armrest can be seen next to Laura’s recliner (number eight). The couch is my favorite spot to watch Everybody Loves Raymond reruns.

7. Tom’s recliner.

8. Laura’s recliner.

Attached to the Family Room is the Kitchen

9. The Ya-Ya Sisterhood held a smudging ceremony when we first moved into this house. These are the feathers that we used in our ceremony.

10.-12. These are kitchen appliances of some sort or other. I’m not sure what they actually do, but they were here when we moved in.

Just Outside of the Family Room is the Pool 

13. While the family room may be the heart of our home, our place of refuge and comfort, the pool is our place for frolic.

Near the Kitchen is the Dining Room Billiard Room

14. Why have a dining room table in your dining room to use once each year on Christmas, when you can have a pool table to use all year long?

Thank you for stopping by!

Splendid idea, Mrs. G. You rock the Blogosphere! 

51 comments on “Open House”

  1. Okay…so here’s the plan…I’ll live in Jenn’s sofa and kitchen part of the time…and then I’ll be in your living room OR more than likely…the pool…with the kick-ass slide!!! Yeah…that sounds good to me!!!
    I have seen only two of the Open House blogs…and am feeling that I really want an Amercian home!!! Maybe this is not such a good idea for me…….
    Love the photos….

  2. I was going to mention how envious my older girl would be of the chess table, as she wants to learn, but Pete and I don’t know how to play. But then I saw your pool and realized that both of my children would gladly burn their American Girl dolls if told that would mean they could play in that pool.

    I want to know about the vine on your kitchen walls. Did you paint that your very own self?

  3. oh my gosh. you have a pool!!!!

    i love your house. it’s cozy.

    and thanks for your kind comment on my blog. while i wouldn’t say that the basement way is the heart of my house, it is true that wherever the dogs are is where my heart is.

    so maybe i did do the assignment after all.

  4. Thanks for popping over!
    Those were all real…posting them yesterday I almost cried…why on earth did we move?

    Well done with your post – the billiard table is a brilliant idea – I did the same thing for my boss when I was working – it looked great and gave her son many happy times.

  5. Although I love your whole house and am sure I could find my heart in any place, the pool…. yes, I would live in the pool!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. A pool of your own. A life-long dream for me. I once lived on an island and had the Caribbean in my backyard but I still long for a pool of my own. And a pool boy to clean it. Let me ask Mrs. G. if she has any leads on a pool boy. Thanks for the tour. Your home is very lovely.

  7. i will be over in ten minutes. to cook in that effing fabulous kitchen. or to swim. i haven’t decided, but i’m wearing my suit under my clothes, just in case.

  8. Oh, that pool looks good! So does the rest of your house, too, but I just walked the dog. HOT! So that’s what drew my eyes.

    Very nice & homey. I could hang out in your kitchen!

  9. Loved the tour! Your home is just beautiful!:) whyohwhy can’t I talk my husband into a pool?? The rest of us are in complete agreement.

    Totally with you on the billiards-instead-of-dining room. When my boys were around 7,8,9, we moved all the furniture out of the living room and tossed in several of those big exercise balls. We gathered to watch TV in the family room, but used the living room for bouncing. You’ve got to be able to bend the rules, right? It’s your house …

  10. I am getting inspired by this whole – pool hall dining room concept. I think I may have my million dollar idea. A murphy bed type of idea. A pool table that converts into a dining room table with stow-away tops. What do you think?


  11. I love your home all staged up, but I know I would feel even more at home with piles and stacks and boxes, like mine. Purdy. And that pool, um yeah, we want to invite ourselves over. We’ll bring a feather if it’s requisite.

  12. Well, I think we know where the first Women’s Colony gathering will be-your pool! I hope Tom can take all the extra estrogen.

    Thanks for playing along!

  13. Yikes! I think your livingroom looks like how mine will in about 20 years when my kids are the age of yours (and we aren’t talking about the cleaned-up-for-photos livingroom either!) Thanks for the chuckles!

  14. THis is so awesome – and I unabashedly stole your numbers Idea (hey I’m still a blogging newbie so cut me some slack, will ya?) I am coming to live with you – right after Jenn@juggling kicks me out. She has a masterbedroom for me, I hear. Which room can I have at your place?!

  15. Lovely home, miss! You have great taste. Maybe except for the er…billiard table. Or maybe especially the billiard table. I’m sure it makes you all very happy. I covet your pool.

  16. Pool table and a pool with a slide?! Dude my family is so moving in. Don’t worry about extra beds, we won’t be sleeping, but we’ll try to keep it down while you are!
    You have a truly amazing house!

  17. Go-ho-horgeous house, plus loved & lived in (even during “staging”).

    And is that a frickin’ rock slide into the pool? I dislike (okay, hate) being in watery places for very long but THAT looks fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  18. Thanks for the tour – you have a beautiful home! My girls are artists too and I have many of their drawings and paintings all over the place too!

    Take care – have a good weekend – Kellan

  19. What fun to visit your house – first on my list of the visits I plan to fit into my day. What a terrific idea! the fan

  20. Our tv is the SAME way. You have to sit right in front of it or it’s just a black screen with sound coming out. I knew this when we were at Circuit City but a certain someone wouldn’t listen.

  21. I.Want.Your.Kitchen.

    And while I don’t want all the work of your pool, I’d love to come by and swim in it on a regular basis. 🙂

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