It had been a long day on Saturday, during which we attended a birthday party at LEGOLAND® followed by dinner at Ruby’s Diner for Laura’s buddy Patrick. Laura had a small meltdown (oxymoron?) on the Fairy Tale Brook ride and throughout the day there were complaints, whining, and attempts at asserting views opposing the parental units peppered in. By the end of the day-long celebration, Laura had dark circles under her little bloodshot eyes. When I refused her request for a second piece of cake (read: frosting serving device), under the influence of Pixy Stix® and icing, she used some unkind words in front of the fourteen people in attendance, words that took me back in time to when Laura’s older sisters were adolescents. Yes, it had been a long, long day for everyone.

On the way home, Laura began expressing remorse for her behavior. She profusely professed that she hadn’t meant what she’d said. Laura told me that she loved me over and over again. She apologized, apologized sincerely, and then apologized some more. She said that she didn’t know why her brain made her use the words that came out of her mouth. By the time that we arrived at our house, she was fully repentant. She told me that I was the best mother in the world. She didn’t bat an eyelash when I told her it was time to get ready for bed. She was cooperative. She didn’t fuss about taking a bath. She helpfully got out her towel. She climbed into the tub and proclaimed the water temperature perfect. She chattered amiably during. As she was finishing her bath, the following conversation ensued:

Laura: [Voice sweet and tender.] “Mommy, I love you.”

Mommy: “I love you too.”

Laura: “I really, really love you.”

Mommy: “I really, really love you too.”

Laura: “Mommy, you’re skinny.”

Mommy: [Listening.]

Laura: “You’re skinny for a woman.”

Mommy: [Growing amused.]

Laura: “If you run a lot you’ll get even skinnier.”

Mommy: [Suppressing giggles.]

Laura: “At least you never have to worry about falling down a hole.”

Mommy: “Time to get out of the tub.”

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