NaBloPoMo Day Thirty:
No Mo’ NaBloPoMo!

Cheri: “I’ve written some of my best posts this month, haven’t you been reading them?”

Kristen: “Mom, I read your blog, but don’t you see that these types of mother-daughter questions are rare?”

Cheri: “What do you mean?”

Kristen: “You ask me things like, ‘Didn’t you read my post about such and such?’ or you call and ask me to remind you about something one of us said so that you can write about it. None of my friends’ parents have blogs.”

Cheri: “So, what are you saying?”

Kristen: “Just that this is unfamiliar territory. I don’t have anyone to talk with about stuff like this.”

Cheri [laughing]: “So, there should be a support group? Like Adult Children of Bloggers?”

Kristen [laughing]: “Yes, something like that.”

Cheri: “Hey, now that you mention it, that’s a pretty funny idea. I should write a post about that.

Kristen: “See? That’s what I’m talking about.”

Cheri: “What?”

Kristen: “What you just said? That’s just the kind of thing I would talk about in the support group.”

Readers, who’s doing NaBloPoMo in December?

Cheri: “One, two, three, [*touches nose*] NOT IT!”

32 comments on “No Mo’ NaBloPoMo!”

  1. Too funny! This reminds me of the movie Heartburn (and book, by Nora Ephron) in which several writer friends bemoan the fact one isn’t simply a friend providing quality conversation, one becomes a source for inspiration.

  2. First of all, congratulations! I don’t know how all you bloggers got through 30 consecutive days of posting. And I must say, you had GREAT content CONSISTENTLY throughout the month. I don’t recall one single turd. Bravo, Betty! Bravo!

    Oh, Kristen’s cute…

  3. A job well done my friend.

    It seems Kristen and I could have joined the support group together. Once upon it time, that is, when *my* Mom blogged. And I totally didn’t get it.

    Cheers to your fine writing this month, and every.

  4. Ahh you did it. And did it well. Like everything you do. Congratulations. Now will you have time for a cup of coffee with me? Geez.

    I need a Former Bloggers Who Have BFF’s and Daughters That Out-Blog-Them-By-A-Mile Support Group.

    That’s FBWHBADTOBTBAMSG for short!

  5. I couldn’t agree more with Kristen. There’s nothing like torturing you with push ups and lunges and watching every single word you have to say in fear of you getting that weird look in you’re eye and saying, “I’m so blogging that..”

  6. I can’t hold myself back, I will likely post 3-6 times a day as long as I breathe… YES, sure, I will be posting daily in December!
    And your daughters HAVE NO IDEA. They have been posted about on OTHER blogs (winkwink)…
    and today, of course, I even posted a little bit about you Cheri…

  7. I did NaNoWriMo last year and am happy to see there are even more spinoffs…Did you count to see if you posted 50,000 words?

  8. I’ve got three sons but only one of them reads. It’s the middle boy who’s away at college with his older brother. Maybe this is his way of keeping up with what’s going on.

  9. Ha. I have similar conversations with my daughters, although neither reads my blog. They roll their eyes and sigh when I try to talk about it. And they say things like, “You’re going to write a post about this, aren’t you?” You betcha.

  10. You always rock the NaBloPoMo. I miss the lists month.

    Also, my four-year-old asks me every day, “Why do you talk about blogging all the time?”

    I can imagine what she tells the folks at preschool.

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