My adoration of Adam Lambert was apparent during our first date.

By our second date, judging by the look in his eyes, my adoration of Adam Lambert is requited.

Our third date nearly killed me, but every single hour of hell before and after was worth it for the sixty minutes of HEAVEN during which Adam Lambert sang and danced for me. And 3,499 of our closest friends. What?

Adam Lambert’s first solo concert took place at Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio, California. I will never go back there. Unless Adam Lambert is appearing there again. In which case, I’m buying tickets for Paul Anka. (Yes, he’s still alive.) My plan is to go to the Paul Anka concert and hide under the bleachers near the stage listening to Adam Lambert on my iPod and living off granola bars until Adam Lambert’s concert begins so I’ll have better seats next time. What?

For my loving family, it was a three-hour drive ONE WAY in sometimes pouring rain, which would otherwise have been miserable since I’m a weather wuss. However, I was too sick with a sinus infection, raging sore throat, splitting headache, and onset of stomach flu to care about death by storm, but I still had a faint pulse so no way was I missing the Adam Lambert concert.

Once we arrived I was somewhat surprised to see that the venue was not much better than a high-school gym, albeit a high-school gym that seats 3500. I wasn’t kidding about the bleachers, but at least the seats had backs, and every last one of them was filled. The show was scheduled to start at 8 PM, but we had to arrive early because tickets could only be picked up at Will Call. After the opening act, it was another 15 minutes or so before Adam and his band took the stage. My ten-year-old daughter was amazingly patient.

Laura: “Mom, when is Adam Lambert going to sing?”

Me: “Hopefully pretty soon.”

Laura: “How long does it take to put on makeup?”

The sense of anticipation in the crowd was palpable. The chants of “Adam! Adam!” were peppered with the rumbling of feet stomping rhythmically in the bleachers. The people seated around us were chatting amiably as we waited. One of the women in front of us complimented Laura’s outfit, which was all black and included spiked leather bracelets and fishnet gloves. What? My twenty-three-year-old daughter, Courtney, was in town for the weekend and came with us; she remarked about the enthusiastic and motley group of fans. She said, “Mom, I saw a grandma wearing a dress that I considered buying at Forever 21.” I have no idea what would make a woman old enough to be a grandmother dress like that. What?

Adam took the stage looking GLITTERY and announced that he got all “Indio” by wearing feathers. I immediately got up on my feet, as did my theretofore bedraggled family, and we didn’t sit back down until the almost three-hour drive home.

Adam began with “For Your Entertainment,” and moved through other songs from his CD including “Strut,” “Sure Fire Winners,” and “Soaked.” Although Adam’s moves make you think Elvis and Michael Jackson, and his voice makes you think Freddie Mercury, and his style makes you think early Elton and Boy George, he’s all of them and none of them because he’s so clearly . . . Adam Lambert. While he never misses an energetic note with his wide range when he belts out the rock/techno/dance numbers, he is equally captivating when he croons a ballad. “Broken Open” left me (and pretty much everyone) spellbound. Laura was as excited as the rest of the crowd when he did “Mad World.” She danced and sang along to all of his songs; Laura can do Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment” scream down to the last warble. (Thus far, Laura won’t let me post a video of her scream on YouTube, although I promise you my efforts to bribe her into consent are ongoing.)

Adam always did what the Idol judges advise every contestant to do, he made songs his own including “Whole Lotta Love” back when he performed it during Season 8 on the show. Adam didn’t just sing his own version of “Whole Lotta Love” at this concert, he changed it up again performing an acoustic version that he praised his band for playing since he’d rehearsed it like crazy in his car but they hadn’t. The crowd went wild.

After the slower set, Adam plugged it back in beginning with “Music Again” and later “Sleepwalker.” In a fedora and a vest with peacock-feathered lapels, he pretty much flirted his way through “Fever” and I totally forgot that I had one for real. Adam asked everyone to get up and dance as he ended the concert with “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Where I was sitting, everyone was already up and dancing. In between popping antibiotics and Ibuprofen, I’m still up and dancing to the YouTube videos.

My patient, loving, and totally hot husband, Tom, who is also an ardent rock music snob lover, summed up the evening by describing Adam Lambert’s performance as “masterful.” I described it as my Favorite Concert Ever.

Adam is a gifted stage entertainer for sure, but he never misses a note with that mad vocal range of his. I’m willing to prove it. I’ve given an Adam Lambert CD to just about everyone I know for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, you name it, and Every. Single. Person. tells me how much they love it. So . . . assuming you’re not already among the One Billion Served by my previous frenzy of CD gift giving . . .

I’m going to give away an Adam Lambert “For Your Entertainment” CD in a random drawing to one of you!

You’re going to love it. I guarantee it. Even those silly doubters and naysayers among you, and you know who you are and so do I because I saved copies of your emails so I could say “I told you so” later, have come back and emailed me to say those magic words, “Cheri, you were right” and those other magic words, “I love Adam Lambert!” Boo-yah. The cover art alone will make you lick the case. What? Don’t worry, I won’t lick the one I’m giving away because of my sick germs and all.

To have a chance at the CD, just leave a comment and, hmmm, let’s see, since I’m blogging about once a month these days, let’s say at midnight on March 31, I will use my Random Number Transmogrifier to pick a winner.

Edited to Add: And we have a winner! Congratulations Patti!

49 comments on “My Third Date with Adam Lambert was Heavenly”

  1. There is no need to put me in the draw – since the boy of which you write is pretty much unknown to me.

    I just wanted to say that he must be amazing to inspire such lambergasmic writing.


  2. I’ve actually never heard a single song by Adam Lambert.

    (I will give you a moment to compose yourself.)

    But now you’ve piqued my interest. So, yes! I would like to be in your drawing.

  3. CHERI BABY I want me some of them pink streaks in my hair and HAWT BLACK boots with a buckle like yours too, and since I probably WON’T GET the pink streaks or your boots, put me in consideration for the CD!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
    The thing is, Adam is an entertainer–he wants his audience to enjoy themselves, and that is awesome 🙂

  4. I haven’t heard any of his songs either… but you’re so keen on him, I’m willing to listen. (Include me in the draw. I’ll find his songs on youtube to preview and I’ll let you know what I think.

    I don’t know if Stu is mocking Queen and Elton John, but I really love their music. Does that mean I’ll love Adam too?

  5. Catherine: Of course you’ll love Adam. You will! Stu would never mock. That’s so not Stu. Hahahahahaha.

    I’ve *helpfully* linked to a few of the YouTube videos (For Your Entertainment, Broken Open, and Fever) in my post.

  6. Silly doubters and naysayers? What, would we really? Could there be such people? Not that we I mean they would count as actual people, real human beings or anything, unappreciative scum-of-the-earth I reckon…


    Does this comment count?

  7. Pick me, pick me!!

    You are such a trooper travelling to that concert!

    And “masterful”? Smirk. Are you sure Tom isn’t a closet classical music snob?!

    Hope you recover soon! I’ve been missing your posts!!

  8. As I am considering putting some pink, blue or purple streaks in my hair — and since I think of you every time my oldest offspring plays/sings “Mad World” — I am stepping out of my TobyMac/Rush comfort zone this month and putting myself in your drawing as well.

    I’m glad you got to go to the concert, but MAN! What a bummer to feel so sick the whole time. Don’t antibiotics make you sleepy?

    I was dehydrated to the point of illness at a Ronnie James Dio concert eons ago. Miserable me but awesome concert, so I do understand the commitment it took for you to still go. ESPECIALLY 3 HOURS EACH WAY!!

    PS: Tom is a saint!

  9. My husband (Stu) is not mocking Elton or Queen; we really have multiples albums of each and love them and if you say we’ll love Adam as much, I believe you.

    But I will not be licking the CD case; Fountains of Wayne would be jealous. Wait – maybe I should then…

  10. Geez, now I feel like i have to have this thing. I had the same feelign about George Michael back in the day. That whole “acting out” thing in Will Rogers State park? Clearly, b/c he knows we just cannot be together.

  11. Thanks to you, I already have and love the CD!

    Just wanted to say that except for the sinus infection, raging sore throat, splitting headache, stomach flu and possible death by storm, the concert sounded fabulous!

  12. i saw adam sing last night on the leno show. he had bejeweled eyes.
    i didn’t have to drive for three hours or sit in a high school gym… but i did have to suffer through leno’s interview with sarah palin.
    i’d love to hear her say the word “quirky” in that alaskan voice of hers.
    needless to say, adam “stole” the show.

  13. Loved your blog…I think you need to write a book and then people will be lining up to see you! Put my name in from the CD, I’ve been an Adam fan from day one….

  14. I am sheepishly going to admit that I’ve never heard Adam Lambert sing. I don’t watch TV, so missed him on American Idol. I did follow him through news articles and People online. 🙂 So count me in, but don’t count me as a naysayer. Count me as “as yet to be determined”. Besides, I’m sure I’ll like him because I was the only fan of Boy George.

  15. It was an amazing concert from a truly miraculous entertainer. All of you who don’t win the drawing MUST buy the CD. You won’t regret it.

  16. I already have my CD (thank you), but wanted to comment anyway. That second date photo? The love in his eyes, it moves me to tears. He is so into you.

  17. oh, and thanks for making me feel better about never blogging any more. Hopefully I’ll get a break from work one of these days

  18. If it weren’t for you, I’d have no idea who he is. (No TV, never saw an episode of that show) So before I spend money on itunes, I’ll wait and see if I win!

  19. Since you already gave my my favorite CD ever…my question now is, ahem, why didn’t you invite your cohort of groupies? We could have lifted you through the crowd to the stage. 🙂

  20. I hope i have waited an appropriate length of time so my “number” is a good one…didn’t want to look too terribly excited about the prospect of winning this cd…’cause i really really really really want it!!
    personally…i think you need to send your “review” to rolling stone….you’re THAT good.
    and here’s to many more “dates” that won’t be at all considered stalking.

    thanks for making me smile here this morning…i’m going to go and lick/link some of those sites now!

  21. “at midnight on March 31, I will use my Random Number Transmogrifier to pick a winner.”

    so we’re just random numbers to you?
    i get it.
    sera’s a three, aspiring to be a four.
    i’d love to be a ten, when everyone else wants to be number one.
    “now the world is gone, i’m just one, oh god help me” said metallica.

    but you make me feel special, so numbers don’t really count.
    i can’t wait to hear about your date no. 4 with adam.

  22. OOHH! I would love that!! I want to by the CD, but every single shop near me is sold out! I NEED ONEE!! I need moooree of my Glambert…my Adam Lambert. He goes perfect with his other CD and my Michael Jackson CD’s! PLEASSSSEEEEEEEE!! I would lOOOOVVEE to have it. I NEEDDDD IT..PLEASEEE put me in the drawing.

    Hope you feel better

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