NaBloPoMo Day Seven:
My Boyfriend and My President are Black

A good friend of mine called the morning after the election and said something like, “Why can’t we transcend discussion of race? Why do we have to keep talking about Obama as the first black President?”

Because. I like it. So I’m not going to transcend the topic of race. Not today. Not this week. And maybe not even next week. (Actually, I plan to celebrate this moment in history for the rest of my life.)

I want to talk about my black President. And he’s mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Not like that. He’s Michelle’s husband. He’s my President. Yours too. Our black President. My black President talked openly about race before he was my black President. (He was probably outted by someone for being black and had to do it. Heh.) I want to talk about him. Well, really that he’s black.

Right now I want to celebrate the feeling of hope, the anticipation of change, and the dawning of a new day in history. I want to talk about my black President today because this election marked the first moment in history that we can stop talking about the first black President and finally start having one.


And? Besides? Can you imagine a world without black?

Although it would not be fun without black, let’s imagine it anyway! Heh.

Jack Black would be just Jack, possibly finding himself with Jill, or in-the-box, or nimble, or quick, or jumping over the candlestick.

Black Friday would just be Friday, and the holiday-shopping season would have no place to start.

Black Sabbath would be just Sabbath, and Ozzy Osbourne would become a day of the week for rest and worship.

The Black Panthers would be just the Panthers, a television-series high-school football team — no street cred in that.

BlackBerry would be just Berry, which actually might be a better name for a wireless handheld device, so maybe that’s one place we could lose black and be okay.

Decker would be lonely in the tool shed.

And, I think we can all agree, that my boyfriend would not be as beautiful if he were white.

Tell me Readers, what would your world be without black?

29 comments on “My Boyfriend and My President are Black”

  1. a lot less interesting, that’s for damn sure! I’d’ve never tasted chitlins, for example. oh wait…that’d be a positive LOL! Nassssty things.

  2. I just never seem to be dancing to the same beat as the rest of you. I feel so lonely.

    You see, without black, I’d only be blue. Is that an improvement? Maybe not. I suppose that bruises heal but emotional wounds last forever…..

  3. By the way, wasn’t there this 50’s tune by the Angels:

    My boyfriend’s black and you’re gonna be in trouble
    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)
    You see him comin’ better cut out on the double
    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)
    You been spreading lies that I was untrue
    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)
    So look out now cause he’s comin’ after you

    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)
    (Hey, he knows that you been tryin’)
    (And he knows that you been lyin’)

    He’s been gone for such a long time
    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)
    Now he’s black and things’ll be fine
    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)
    You’re gonna be sorry you were ever born
    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)
    Cause he’s kinda big and he’s awful strong
    (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend’s black)

  4. My “I’m feeling fat” clothes would have no soothing (or actual) effect at all.

    And I’d have to eat the gross red licorice like all the common folk.

  5. Dude – Barack is totally hawt. Yeah, he’s a master orator. Sure, he’s calm, cool, and collected. So he might be brilliant and educated and whatever.

    But come on. He’s hawt. HAWT I say. I get all dreamy and weak in the tranny knees when he comes on the TV.

    He’s hawt. HAWT. Hawt.

    That is all for now.

  6. Yes, our new President is hawt…but really…his teeth are what I’m lovin’…and so are some of my students because we had quite the discussion about them being so damn shiny! Remember Lyle Waggoner on the Carol Burnett show and one character of his would come out in a tux and he’d smile and and it would be all “kaching”!

    So…no black? well…my house would be all pretty because there would be no toys all over the place (I’ve got boys, remember!!)
    My hub would be half nekkid most of the time. (dude!!)
    It would be so nice to drive over here because cars here are mainly black and white (with a few other colors thrown in just to make it fun!).

  7. Don’t really care what color our new president is….the only thing I find curious is, he is genetically “half black” and “half white”. So why don’t we call him white? Probably not politically correct.

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