From Tom

Because he knows his own strengths . . .

. . . and weaknesses,

rather than opt for my PLAN A, he went with his PLAN B, a winning approach:

From Laura

I got this spectacular photo, drawing, and poem:

From Courtney

As if this weren’t enough . . .

. . . I also got this in the mail:

From Kristen

And from the child who was the first to turn me into a mother, I got her first post ever on our family blog.

Dear Readers, tell me about your Mother’s Day.

28 comments on “Mother’s Day in Review”

  1. Wow. Your family sets a new standard for ‘The Perfect Mother’s Day’.

    It wasn’t Mother’s Day in Europe yesterday – so thanks for letting me live vicariously through you and yours!


  2. You had a wonderful Mother’s Day!
    Mine was great, too – dinner cooked for me, a CD made and a beautiful array of flowers planted in an outdoor planter.
    Boys don’t seem to “do” cards but they do give hugs!

  3. My oldest came home from college for a couple of days, and we all had dinner out and watched a movie or two. She also volunteered with me at the local food bank and gave me a dozen roses. And my youngest made a card for me and lunch yesterday. It was a lovely weekend.

  4. It sounds like you had a fantastic day; love the post.

    It was very low key around here–a little breakfast in bed, some tivoed Desperate Housewives, a walk on the beach and a nice dinner. And, of course, beautiful flowers.

  5. Loveliness!

    After breakfast & gifts, I got alone time at the mall, a couple of visits to the grocery store, then my superbly carbolicious homemade dinner with friends.

    Your family blog is sweet, btw.

  6. That drawing and poem from your daughter are so sweet. And what could be more rewarding than seeing your child graduate? I’m glad you had a happy day.

    I ate tons of good food (hubby makes a killer Philly Cheesesteak), watched Ben Hur with my man (TOO LONG), and was super lazy. And I loved it all.

  7. What a delightful post for a TERRIFIC woman.

    My Mothers Day? I was able to go out Saturday night for FIVE WHOLE hours. Courtesy of my free babysitter – my husband. Sunday I had lovely things from Hannah and Ian, that they made in school. We had a family dinner later that day. I found a nice love note from my husband after coming home from church to find a house cleaned by HIM. And… Friday…. we get our “tax rebate”… which I am taking a FAT chunk of to SHOP! Whooooo.

  8. Anonymous:

    Why don’t you man or woman up and post your name and your blog so we can all read about your fabulous life?

    And wow! What a life it must be if you have time to post hateful comments on other people’s blogs.

    Way to go.


  9. cheri, so glad you had a wonderful day.

    as for mine, it included coffee in bed, hours to read my latest novel, a vase filled with tulips, a bowl of ripe apricots (my fav!), a bead necklace from my little one and only one temper tantrum all day long. and a vodka tonic at the end of it all. now, that’s livin’!

    sending love,

  10. Stu~

    I totally ate flowers on Mother’s Day. Not the ones in the picture. I swiped the picture from the restaurant’s website because I was so busy eating I forgot to photograph my food. But my salad actually had flowers mixed in it and I actually ate them. I bet if they had flowers in the food at that Las Vegas buffet, you and bad mom would have jacked it. 😉

  11. Oh my goodness, Cheri…last night when I was reading your post and I came to the link for Kristen’s post…I went there and never came back to comment on yours!! (Please picture me bowing at the screen right now!!)

    You…along with so many others…had such a great Mother’s DAy!!! I’ve been reading posts and, though my day wasn’t so bad, I’m still a bit jealous of what all I missed!!! (I think that having only little boys helps in that….a little girl would really come in handy on days like this…can I borrow Laura sometime? for just a bit?!?!)

    And really?? Is that Tom?? and if so….why would he do something like that?? Were you playing hard to get and he was just making sure you noticed him, or what?!?! 😀
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

  12. What a lovely Mother’s Day you had!

    We had a fab time at the Rees house. We had both sides of the family come over to our place. This included my mom, stepdad, brother and his family, Jay’s parents, his sister and her family. Jay’s mom, my mom, Jay’s sister and I went to lunch at Bellefleur, then shopping while the guys watched the kids. We joined them at our house for dinner. We’ve been doing this for many years. There was a moment when we were all eating dinner…all 15 of us…and I just soaked it all in. We are blessed!

  13. This was a really cute post – I love how your whole family contributed.

    Don’t know why but for some reason, I your posts weren’t highlighting in my reader!

    Hope all is well. You look stunning in the picture!

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