If you’d ever visited Blue Mountains Mary, then you know that Mary is a blogger with a heart full of grace, apparent in her writing and photography. There is a very special lens on Mary’s soul, and also one on her camera. She uses them to capture the most beautiful aspect of anything in her viewfinder. Mary’s blog and photographs are having a fresh start at Beauty amongst the weeds. Mary is having a fresh start, too. If you haven’t met her before, go on over and say hello.

Here’s a sort of introduction to Mary, if you didn’t know her until now. If you already know Mary, here is another example of her grace. It is a duck story with photographs that Mary emailed to Laura for her ninth birthday earlier this year. It is reprinted here with Mary’s permission. Enjoy.

Dear Laura

I am a friend of your Mum’s who lives in the Blue Mountains (NSW) Australia. You can Google Earth that if you like.

Near me is a lake. (this story continues under each photo)

Today I was at the lake with my kids ( I have three and one of them, Joe, turned 9 last July),

when we noticed that this little ducking had been separated from its Mama.

It swam and swam – Mama was quite far away – and peeped and peeped like crazy for its mother.

It swam past us.

Here was Mama – looking out for her baby.

This story has a happy ending of course. The baby caught up with its Mama and they all paddled off on the sparkling water.


love from Mary…..xxxx

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  1. Thank you my dear friend.

    And isn’t Susan wonderful? I wept and wept when I first saw it… such an amazing lesson (I have shown my kids…)

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