The shoulder surgery went well, or at least that’s what Tom told me the doctor said. I was out cold for the post-op visit. It was an outpatient procedure, so I was home just before 8 PM last night, and the late hour was only because my surgery time was bumped to the afternoon. Because I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before, I had a mighty big caffeine headache by the time they took me in. Of course, I wasn’t feeling that too much by the time they brought me out.

Although I had previously speculated that the staff the woman behind the curtain at Blog This Mom! would be on hiatus while the founder, president, CEO, CFO, and COO I’m down to one hand, it appears that I can in fact type with both hands! Mwah ha ha! It could be the Vicodin, but really, my post-op right shoulder doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as the pre-op caffeine headache. It does hurt some, but not enough to keep me from reading and commenting at least, so I’m looking forward to spending some some quality time with OPBs (Other People’s Blogs) in the next few days.

Anyway, I’m in a sling and rigged up to some sort of dominatrix costume Cold Therapy contraption. Meanwhile, until I decide whether or not to upload the digital video of my surgery to YouTube (seriously, the surgeon gave me one), I will leave you with a pre-op photo. The surgeon told me that he’s never operated on the wrong extremity, but he asks all of his patients to mark the correct shoulder. So I did.

25 comments on “Look Ma, One Hand!”

  1. You are one strong woman. Welcome back. If you need a Starbucks delivery to regain your caffeinated stream of goodness, I’ll be happy to make a run for you.

  2. Mom you’re so funny. I hope you are feeling OK. Your phone call last night was kinda funny. Your loving side still comes through on drugs. You told me that you loved me like 50 million times. That’s OK though…I like it when you tell me that you love me, dopey or not.

  3. Cheri!! So glad to know that a)your surgery went good and b) that you can type with both hands!! (let’s hope the good fortune or drugs continue!)
    Take it easy…and I think I’ll pass on that video……you’re great, but, no thanks!!

    And yes, don’t you just love it when relatives lovingly remind you of things you said under the influence of some powerful “stuff”…my husband will periodically remind me of things I talked about while my sons were being delivered, both times, by c-section…yeah, I was a regular commedianne on the table!!! 😀
    Have a great day!!!

  4. Cheri, I love that you professed your love to the hot doctor on your arm! Glad the surgery went well. We’d feel too deprived without your witty writing.

  5. Ha! OPB! (That should be in the Urban Dictionary.)

    Also, your arm doesn’t look fat.

    Mine would look fat.

    I wouldn’t be able to post a pic of my fat arm.

    But you can.

    And I think that’s great. I also love the tattoo. That IS a tattoo, right?

    Deb, keepin’ it superficial

  6. So glad the surgery went well. Glad you are feeling well. Speedy recovery to you! I will pass on the video, also. I am a hospice nurse. I almost passed out in the OR during my surgery rotation in nursing school. Definitely not my thing. : )

  7. Mrs… You are doing so well because you are a rock-star, a MOM and an all around tough diamond of a woman! Enjoy those drugs while they last. See you tomorrow! YOU ARE COMING! Even in extreme pain (because I know all the good post-op pain blockers have worn off by now!)

  8. Good thing you had that arm clearly marked…. (wink)…. and VERY impressive, typing with both hands. And…… because I feel like I should…… TAKE IT EASY! If I lived maybe a thousand miles closer I would bring you home made soup.

    Thank you for you comments on my blog…. they ALWAYS make me smile…. and I feel the warmth, I get what you send each time. I added you to my google reader so I can keep up with you properly. I finally have figured it out!

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