10. Trish helps me expand my horizons. When I decided I wanted to spice up my blog layout, Trish encouraged me, created my new masthead, and then calmly stayed on the phone with me while I totally freaked out. She kept telling me that when I got everything fixed, I would be so much happier with my blog. I kept telling her that I should have left well enough alone. She was right.

9. Trish saved Deb from having to make a domestic violence call to the police after Napoleon went after her. Trish is resourceful.

8. Trish cleaned Laura’s barf off of Tom’s pants without gagging.

7. Trish didn’t point and laugh when I stripped off my jeans during broad daylight in the parking lot at Islands Restaurant and drove home in my panties.

6. Trish is a woman of grace. When a very small person who lurks on our blogs said unkind things about Henry after I posted this photo essay on my blog, Trish wrote this response. If the very small person had made such a publicly unkind statement about my kid, I would have wanted to put a cap in her ass.

5. Trish is teaching me to embrace change and adventure (see, e.g., number 10 above). When I travel, I make airline, hotel, rental car, and restaurant reservations well in advance, and only after conducting online research and making personal inquiries of friends for recommendations for the best places. I typically even know which floor of the hotel I will be on (the nonsmoking floor farthest from the smoking floors, if I’m not in a smoke-free property, which is my preference). This is how Trish rolls.

4. Trish raised the woman who wrote this incredible message.

3. Trish is raising the boy who came up with this. She demonstrates her love for her son in every possible way. Henry is a gentle boy and a good friend to my daughter.

2. Trish makes me look at the world, at life, at my every day surroundings, in a new light. For example, when Laura brought home from school a paper towel still slightly damp from colored marker stains, I started to put it in the trash. Laura shrieked, “Don’t throw that away!” I bit my tongue, held my true thoughts inside, placed it on another paper towel so it wouldn’t stain anything, and planned to dispose of it when Laura wasn’t looking. The next day it was still sitting on the kitchen counter when Trish stopped by. She picked it up and said, “Wow! Who created this fabulous piece of art? Are you going to frame it?”

1. Trish *hearts* me too. When we go out to restaurants or travel with Henry and Laura, it isn’t a giant leap of reasoning for an observer to think that Trish and I are the parental units in a two-mom family. In restaurants Henry and Laura always want to sit next to each other in the booth, so Trish and I sit together too. We must look like a cozy pair, mostly because we are a cozy pair. So, when the four of us went to Las Vegas last year and dined at Nobu, the server asked us if were a couple, to which Trish replied, “We aren’t, but if I were gay, I would be with her.” I was flattered, and it wasn’t just the martinis. So, Trish, just so you know for sure what I know for sure, if I were gay, I’d totally wanna hit that.

So, Dear Readers, do you have someone in your life like Trish?

17 comments on “List Day Twenty: The Top Ten List of Reasons Why I Totally *HEART* Trish”

  1. Oooh, you saw Love, too! I went for my birthday last June…and I want to see it again 🙂

    I’m sure Vegas in February is a MUCH better time to go, tho LOL!

  2. I am truly blessed with not one but three best childhood friends anyone could ever ask for.
    We are planning another weekend girls away trip soon. Hopefully we will outdo the last one, which will be hard to do with all of that laughing until one of them actually fell on the floor!!

  3. Yes I do, and I feel as lucky as you do.

    I thought the Vegas photo essay was rockin’. I am baffled as to what any one could say that is mean spirited about a couple of kids and their moms having a good time.

  4. Yes, I have a friend like that and her name is Dena. We have been friends for almost 25 years now…can’t imagine my life without her!!!

    Checked out the LasVegas photos…LOVE the “my mom is blogging this” t-shirts!!! Were those original shirts or did you pick them up somewhere?!?! Verrrrry cute!!!

  5. Okay, did I just read that? Did I just read, “I’d totally wanna hit that,” about my MOM? 🙂

    She’s Amazing (capital A). She has the strength and courage and wits of an army of people. I’m so proud to be hers.

    That you two have formed a powerful and honest friendship makes me gush with the fortuities of life.

  6. Ok Geez…WOW… That was COOL! Thank you so much for that nice surprise today!

    I have some point by point responses k?

    # 10. You are WAY braver than me in so many ways. I just held your hand while you jumped.

    # 9. I could hardly have let Deb get eaten. I wouldn’t have been able to look Laura in the eye again. If I had let her fish die, she might not have let me smell her hair fabulous anymore.

    # 8. I was just trying to cop a feel of your husbands unit. 🙂

    #7. Bwwahhhaa! Oh YES I DID. In the car when you weren’t looking, but I could hardly laugh right in front of you since you were covered in my son’s barf.

    #6. I sort of did want to put a cap in her ass but I think YOU were the one that made me realize she wasn’t worth the bullet!

    #5. That is how I roll. Or Fly. By the seat of my pants! I wish you would rub off on me a little.

    #4. You got me there. She is the da-gone best, that ‘s for sure!!

    #3. How could he not love Laura. She shares her princess PJs with him and doesn’t judge him. Neither do you!

    #2. Dude! I want that papertowel if you aren’t going to frame it. It’s great!!

    #1. I do heart you in a totally non-gay way but I get a kick out of watching the waiters faces when we order food for each other or each others kids!

    Anyway, you’re like, the best friend I have ever had. To find such an incredible woman friend at our age, is like, unheard of.

    ND: So, we’re pretty much friends by now, right?
    P: Yes.
    ND: So, you got my back and everything, right?
    P: What?
    ND: Never mind.

  7. You two are hillarious!

    Can I just say Thelma and Louise!

    This was so much fun to read!

    I have my sisteres, they are my best friends!

  8. @Jenn: Look at the photo of Henry with wax Princess Di, the photo I had to bribe him with a keychain to pose for; the very small person took issue with it. As you can see from his smiling face, Henry was scarred for life. 😉 But when Henry “adjusted himself” once in his class play costume, a mother of one of his classmates was overheard to say that he did that because of the Las Vegas trip photos she’d seen on our blogs. (Like boys never adjust themselves.)

    @Dkuroiwa: I will put up a link to the place to get those shirts.

    @Jamie: Yeah, baby, you read me right. I hope I didn’t traumatize you too much. I’d not like to be accused twice of traumatizing one of Trish’s children. (See @Jenn above.) XOXOXOXO

    @Trish: I lurve the Napoleon Dynamite quote at the end of your comment. And, by the way, which one of my men do you want anyway, ’cause you have to pick one: Hot Mike or Tom? You can’t have both.

  9. Tootsie: Thank you. You are in the good company of many others who have told us that they see it that way too. (See comments on original post, for example.) 😉

  10. Very cool post, Cheri! I have had friends that close in my life. Unfortunately, they have had the nerve to move to ther places! 😉 I miss them and try to keep in touch but it is hard to maintain that kind of closeness long-distance.

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