1. The day started with the requisite morning egg hunt at home.

2. After the egg hunt at home, there was a short flight to San Jose.

3. When the three sisters are gathered in one place, Mommy thinks she’s won a trifecta.

4. There was another egg hunt in San Jose, this one shared with sisters.

5. Eggs were dyed.

6. There was even a Princess Leia egg and a Mr. Spock egg.

7. Someone, who shall remain nameless, spilled some dye and tried to deny it, but someone’s wife is a blogger and always ready with a camera and laptop to faithfully record and publicly display embarrassing evidence of her family’s follies.

8. Our holiday was attended by one chef, two bakers, and a very grateful dishwasher.

9. Our holiday included delicious roast lamb with mint jelly, baked yams, spinach salad, and crusty artisan bread with olive oil for dipping. Dessert was freshly baked carrot muffins with Neufatchel cheese and pineapple frosting.

10. After dinner, our family bonded in our own special way. (The Stevie Wonder impersonator on the far left is Courtney still recovering from laser eye surgery.)

11. Laura spilled her Cosmopolitan cranberry juice all over herself and Kristen’s carpet. She cried but did not stop playing Wii baseball; it was her turn at bat after all.

The End

17 comments on “List Day Twenty-Six: Our Excellent Easter Adventure”

  1. No family get-together is complete without a few tears and mishaps!
    (And I would have found it perfectly acceptable if both those bags were yours.)

  2. I’m going to guess that the smaller suitcase is yours. That’s how it works at my house anyway. The husband can’t think through clothes enough to pare it down, so he takes everything. I don’t want to haul anything around, so I take next to nothing.

  3. Sounds like a nice day. Ours was pretty pleasant too, though we didn’t get all 3 of the kids to break away from their busy lives. The oldest was missing, but called to give us the low-down on her busy busy day. We had ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, and a very fattening chocolate covered cherry cheesecake! No easter egg hunts.

    You have a lovely family! Oh- and I notice you all have the same laptop. Thanks for sharing your day.

  4. I LOVE using the word “trifecta” any time I can (I learned it from Oceans 11, or was it 10, though and not from horse racing).

    Looks like a lovely time full of the requisite embarrassing moments and photos. =)

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