1. On a bright and sunny day in March, after a busy holiday season, the Easter Bunny traveling incognito Mr. Whiskers went to Napa Valley for a well-deserved vacation.

2. Mr. Whiskers began his adventure with lunch at the hip Uva Trattoria Italiana at Clinton and Brown streets in Napa. He ordered a lovely organic spring salad with extra carrots. He thought the honey vinaigrette dressing was heavenly.

3. For dessert, Mr. Whiskers stuffed himself (no pun intended) with tiramisu and enjoyed a delicious cup of espresso.

4. After lunch, Mr. Whiskers took in the view. He thought the vineyards were lovely at this time of year, when the grapevines held the promise of things to come.

5. Mr. Whiskers decided to do a little wine tasting. First he signed the guest register and added his name, hole, and warren to the mailing list.

6. Mr. Whiskers waited for a moment or two so that the wine could interact with the air, then he inhaled deeply so as to fully appreciate the rich bouquet of a delicious Pinot Noir.

7. In between tastes of different wines, Mr. Whiskers cleansed his palette with water.

8. After Mr. Whiskers had tasted a variety of vintages, he selected a lovely bottle of St. Supéry Cabernet Sauvignon.

9. Mr. Whiskers got a bit carried away and drank too much Cabernet. When Mr. Whiskers gets his wine on, he becomes a bear.

10. Mr. Whiskers was 86’d from the tasting room. He went outside to hang around and sober up before driving home.

11. Although he was feeling better, Mr. Whiskers was concerned that his blood-alcohol level might still be above the legal limit. He decided that the responsible thing to do would be to take the train back to his warren.

12. On the way home, Mr. Whiskers listened to Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” on his iPod.

13. Back home, safe and snug in his hole, Mr. Whiskers did a little reading by the fire.

14. At the end of his adventure-filled day, Mr. Whiskers snuggled deep into his 300-thread-count cottontail sheets and fell fast asleep.

The End

22 comments on “List Day Twenty-Five: How “Mr. Whiskers” Recovered from Easter”

  1. This is one AWESOME bunny story! I’ll be sharing with my husband for sure! 🙂 I love that Starbucks bunny. almost bought him today for 1/2 price. Would the kids even notice next year if they get a bunny with 2008 on it??

  2. CC: What a coincidence! We got him today for 1/2 price too. He sure had a busy first day with us, didn’t he?

    And, no, the kids won’t notice. Just don’t let them read my blog and find out what a lush he is.

  3. Oh Oh Oh..Why didn’t EYE get to come along. Is Mr. Whiskers single? I wish I was there. DUDE. Stuffed animals get to have WAY better day than I do! What is wrong with his picture?

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