Follows are lists of the names that I considered for my daughters (but ultimately rejected) and why:

For Kristen:

Gayle (Don’t even ask; suffice it to say that by avoiding this moniker for my first-born child, I deftly ducked a lifelong-reminder bullet of someone happily forgotten – well, almost forgotten until I thought up this list.)

Dawn (Because I loved Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island? Mary Ann was played by actress Dawn Wells. I don’t know why I thought of the name Dawn; however, I’ll admit that when I was a little girl I wanted to be Mary Ann, who I knew would marry The Professor if they ever got rescued . . . but I digress.)

Jennifer (I have never met a Jennifer who wasn’t awesome and beautiful, but pining my first child with such an über-worthy name seemed like it would lay an undue burden of expectation on her me her me.)

Kelli (All girls named Kelli spelled with an “i” at the end are popular. But then, popular girls can be awfully tiresome, so, no.)

Kristin (Just a variation on the spelling of her actual name. I’m glad she likes it spelled with the “en” ending; I do too.)

For Courtney:

Courtney is the middle child, so if I was considering any names for her other than the one she got, I don’t remember them. I do remember how I came up with Courtney. While I was in the hospital spending as much time away from the ex-husband as my health insurance would allow recovering from the C-section, I was leafing through People Magazine and came across an article about the Kennedy family. The article mentioned something-or-other about a cousin (I think she was) named Courtney Kennedy. I thought that was a cool name. It might have been the post-op morphine that made it seem cool at the time, but while my inspiration was highly suspect, the name Courtney is cool.

For Laura:

(No spelling it R-e-b-e-c-c-a like she’d fallen of the produce wagon direct from Sunnybrook Farm, no sir-ee-bob. Note that I opted for the rockin’ spelling straight out of the Bible; Tom-the-Atheist-Father nixed this one fast.)

Rhiannon (I was once a Fleetwood Mac fan back in the day, but that’s not why I liked the name Rhiannon. I just wanted a voice, flowing black dress, and long blond hair like Stevie Nicks liked the sound of it. Tom nixed this one in short order too. In hindsight, he was right, I would have had that song stuck in my head for the last eight years solid, like it is right now. Like it will be For At Least A Week.)

Whitney (Pretty name, but Laura’s name needed it’s own ending sound. Perhaps Admittedly, this might be some sort of is an OCD/balancing thing with me. If two daughters’ names had “ey” endings and one had “en,” then I would have had to give birth to one more with an “en” ending to make it even. However, with one daughter’s name ending in “en,” one ending in “ey,” and one ending in “a,” there was balance and I could be done with my contribution to overpopulating the planet. And don’t worry, I’m in therapy.)

Hunter (This was her great-grandfather’s name; it rocks, but we opted to give her a family middle name instead.)

Emma (Good thing we didn’t pick this now that Laura has a little cousin called Emma. It would have confused the grandparental units on holidays if there were two girls called Emma running around.)

Lauren (Close, but no cigar. With the name Laura, each daughter’s name has an ending as unique as the daughter. See “Whitney” above.)

Laurel (Close, but no cigar. And we are sure we chose correctly. Although the “el” would have filled the unique-ending requirement, Laura is just the right name for, uh, Laura. It felt right when she was in utero, and she looked just like a Laura from the moment she was delivered. A Laura is a Laura is a Laura.)

Turns out it really didn’t matter what we named Laura since she answers to Kristen, Courtney and Laura. In fact, she probably thinks her name is Kristen-Courtney-Laura because I have to run through all of them to get to the right one. It’s kind of like how you can never provide the last four digits of your social security number without thinking through the first five. Or how about if someone asks you what letter comes after G? Do you have to start singing the ABC song in your head? Does anyone else do this stuff or am I the only one working on her last brain cell over here?

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  1. I never got to use any of my favourite girl names – ended up with three boys. (I think I still have the cherished list buried somewhere…)
    And, yes, I do have to sing the ABC song, etc. Either it’s a very common thing to do or we’re both working with our last brain cell!

  2. As a Jennifer, my personal obsession when I was naming my children was NOT to use any name in the top 25 for popularity. Then, after our daughter Grace was born, that name surged in popularity. Two years later, we had an Eleanor (Ellie) and then Ellie/Ella became popular. Sigh… I just can’t win, can I?

  3. Yeah- I have no children that I got to name (they came with their names already attached as they were half grown when they came into my life). But my mother was aiming for the unique name thing with me, too. I was born in 1957 and the name Michelle wasn’t all that common back then. Oddly enough, though, I ended up with another one in my class all the way through school.

  4. When we were thinking about names for the boys…here, it’s not only the name, but also how many pen strokes the Chinese character has…there ARE bad luck characters. I was looking more at…how would they sound if I had to yell it in anger?!?!
    To me….the names Issei (ee-say) and Koji, also, just sound really strong…I liked that!!
    When it comes to my friends’ kids names…I told them that it didn’t matter what they named them, I would always call them by something else…Whitney is “Wheezer” and Ryleigh is “Roo”…don’t ask me why…it just comes to me!!!

    Me too with the ABCs…except I’m more like “A.a.a.a.a.B.b.b.b.b….”.
    And tell Beth…I vote for “it’s a common thing”…don’t wanna touch that ‘brain cell theory’!!!

  5. This list totally rocks. So interesting!

    I might steal this for my blog!

    In the mean time, I’ll share that my Dad named me Samantha because Barbra Streisand went on record saying that her first child would be named Samantha.

    Her first (and only child) was named Jason. 😉

  6. I LOVE this post. Oh…. and I love the new slide show in your side bar. VERY fun. You have left some excellent comments on my blog, which have made a a)laugh and b)feel uplifted. Thank you. You ROCK!

  7. The year I was pregnant with my first child I was teaching school where I had seven students named Jennifer. Two named Ryan and three Justins. I could not saddle my kids with a name that every other kid in class would also have. Also…I didn’t want to give them a name that would land them on a psychiatrist’s couch for years to come. So far…so good.

  8. Okay, a huge reason I want to have more kids is solely because I LOVE names (hello Mister Child Protective Man, I like the kids too). I find them fascinating, along with the stories behind them. As a teacher, for a student’s “Star of the Week” I had my kiddos tell how they got their name. Only 1 kid in 5 years had a “story” to go with their name.

    I love your story.

    I have lists, too. And I totally agree with your “en” “ey” endings theory.

  9. Shucks. I must confess that I do the same thing. And sometimes even include the dog’s name in the mix. Ja-Bra-Ant-Hen-Duke. Luckily for me, if they are within earshot, they still come no matter what I call.

  10. Funny, when I was contemplating MarBlo or whatever it’s called, I thought, Oh, I could post a list of alternate names for my kids one day! (And then I ended up blowing it off!)

    Like katydidnot, I always wanted to have more kids so I could use more names I love.

    But I sort of wish we had actually chosen different names. Ezra seems more like a Jonah to me; Levi is a TOTAL Abner; and Lilah is really an Eva. But I still love them.

  11. Yep I call the kids by each other names and for extra fun my boys Will and Joe get Guy, Mike and Pete as well, which are my brothers names.

    So I guess I will be signing up for the lone brain cell club with you!

  12. I like all the names you chose.

    The line about spending as much time in the hospital as possible cracked me up. When the hospital is a refuge, things are out of whack.

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