Over the last month, for thirty-one days including this one, I have posted a list each and every day, just like I promised I would do when I signed up for March NaBloPoMo. When I say I’m going to do something, come hell or high water, I do it, and I try very hard not to do it half-assed. I appreciate the lovely comments from those of you who said you enjoyed my lists. And when I say appreciate, I mean that I truly, madly, deeply appreciate those comments. I have gone around bleary-eyed from lack of sleep (like when I was a lawyer, except now there’s no paycheck), lived for an entire day on one giant-sized serving of granola and a cup of coffee (more than once), and had an urgent conversation with the cable company last night about the importance of getting my downed Internet connection fixed so that I could upload a post to my blog (cue cricket sounds from the other end of the phone). Will I do April NaBloPoMo? Not on your life. But really, it isn’t because I don’t want to do it. I cannot commit to posting every day in April for reasons that I’ll post about in the next day or two. Meanwhile, I need to rub my eyes, eat solid food, and put some duct tape on my cable modem because I wore it out.

I did March NaBloPoMo, in part, because I love to write. I love to write because I feel good while I’m doing it and satisfied when I’m done. Um, uh, it kinda sounds like I’m replacing someone with my computer, huh? But before March, I wasn’t writing daily, or even almost daily. And so, in March, I did. Which brings me to the other part of why I did March NaBloPoMo, why I wanted to write daily, or almost daily. I’m practicing for when I grow up and become a writer. I have had a couple of “scholarly” articles published in law review journals, but I’ve never sold anything. So, I’m officially joining the ranks of the many bloggers who dream of getting paid to write. And for me, in particular, I want to get paid for writing what I like writing. Is that a tall order? Perhaps. Do many, many, many bloggers share my dream? Definitely. And while I’ve been pondering if and how I could live the dream, this shared dream, I’ve been reading what some very awesome writers post on their blogs (some of them have even sold their writing, wow). I have been awestruck by the sheer volume and degree of talent out in the Blogosphere. Here’s a little sampling of some of my favorites.

A Not-So-Random Sampling of Great Writing

1. In Newly Wed, the irrepressible Mrs. G. over at Derfwad Manor shares sensible secrets to a successful marriage. She’s simultaneously serious, silly, and sensational. (I know, I know, I’ll have to get past my overuse of alliteration if I’m to matter as a writer.)

2. In On Being a Better Parent Than My Parent, the outspoken and well-spoken Aaryn Belfer, digs deep and writes about what a small man did to his very special daughter. But rather than wallow in what’s dished out, the daughter comes up with a plan to break the cycle and be a great mom.

3. From Jamie at choosing my own . . . comes one of the most insightful and inspirational pieces I’ve ever read. She expresses gratitude and admiration when others might be bitter and cry “abandonment.” She will make you smile and cry when you read her Letter to My Dead Grandmother.

4. The Minnesota Matron is everywoman, but she writes about it better than most. I keep telling her that she should be writing screenplays. Is her life funny or does she just tell it that way? In a post on her blog yesterday, aptly titled “The Matron’s Favorites,” she confesses to reading her own blog, and lists her favorite posts. Do check those out. Meanwhile, I’m linking you to one of my favorites. Read for yourself how she can turn a simple can of soup into a rollicking adventure in Although The Matron Occasionally Stretches for the Sake of a Story.

5. As the name suggests, BipolarLawyerCook is a blogger who wears a variety of hats, and she writes on a variety of topics, and on more than one website. Are we sensing that there’s a pattern here? I have been moved by many of her posts. I have linked to a post so chock full of a variety of lessons that I’ve re-read it several times to make sure that I didn’t miss one. Read: Have you washed anyone’s feet this week?

6. You’ve heard the term voting a straight ticket? And, of course, that typically means voting a straight-Democrat or a straight-Republican ticket. Over at Professor J’s Place, she makes the case for voting a straight-woman ticket, which is kinda funny coming from Professor J. Make no mistake, Professor J doesn’t dis’ Barack Obama, and, in fact, she says she’d vote for him if he’s on the ticket in November. Professor J eloquently explains in Why Hillary? why Hillary has Professor J’s support.

7. Over at katydidnot it is a laugh a minute, or, er, a laugh a post, um, er, no, it is always more than one laugh a post. You know? I’ve always got tea or coffee or water all over my keyboard because it shoots out of my nose from laughing out load while reading her posts, particularly the conversations between her and her kids. She’s so dang funny. But here in this post, katydidnot opens up the subject of body image. What would we women be if we weren’t troubled by something about our bodies? Hips. Thighs. Butt. Gut. Something. She finds things to love about her body, and gets me thinking that I could be finding things to love about my body too. I never looked at my body that way before, all lovingly and in a positive light and stuff. Read: certain of my disassociated body parts.

8. Speaking of seeing the glass half full, Jenn at Juggling Life gets right to the heart of matters in her posts, and she does it with her typical candor in The Glass is Half Full, in which she openly opines on optimism. (I swear I’m not actively trying to be annoying about alliteration, but perhaps purely passively.) Jenn once left me a comment that her husband juggles (as does mine), but really, Jenn, have you read your own masthead? You juggle, and with aplomb. How do you do all that you do and find the time to write about it?

9. Over at Apathy Lounge, Anastasia Beaverhausen will be sure to have you nodding your head in understanding and holding your sides from laughing as she discusses the miracle of the Uterine Tracking Device: It’s Not Just For Birthing Babies Anymore!

10. I purposefully saved for last the post from the woman who was my first online relationship. I was inspired to start blogging after following Sam’s adventures in China while adopting her little girl, Jarrah. She is a fabulous writer on a variety of topics, but I was drawn to how openly she shared herself. I felt like I knew her before I ever met her because I did, kind of. And then I did get to meet in person the woman behind the screen at Little Dragon Fruit. (I’ve even seen her in a bathing suit.) She’s just as delicious in person as she is on the screen. But enough about my love for Sam, read Little Mysteries and see if you don’t just fall in love with someone who once fell in love with a picture.

Dear Readers, never show up empty handed, it’s not polite. So when you go to visit, please leave these bloggers nice comments. If there is one thing that can be said about bloggers it’s that we’re comment ‘hos. Be sure to tell them that Blog This Mom! sent you.

And tell me, where can I find samples of your favorite posts?

P.S. I totally plan to do another one of these lists of favorite posts from other bloggers again, just as soon as I get over this unexplained onset of list-o-phobia. I have more favorite bloggers whose archives I want to explore more fully, but I could no longer see straight by midnight, and I had to post it then because I have to go get a root canal later this morning time did not permit me to add anymore to this list. (I’m serious about the root canal.) More than half of the writers I included on this post had the advantage of my already having read their posts from way-back-when and I knew my favorites already. Also, Trish, you’re not on this list because I already wrote an entire list about you.

33 comments on “List Day Thirty-One: The End”

  1. I read several of these bloggers already and have to agree that they are great reads. Now I have even more to read. Thanks for the list.

    Congrats on making it through this month’s NaBlo. I did it in November and, even though I already blog every day, I felt so much pressure that I swore not to do it again. Three months later, I decided to post a daily photo on my blog. At the end, I swore never to do anything like that again. Somehow, I suspect my oaths are in vain.

  2. I would have loved to have been on the other end of the phone listening to you urge Mr. (or Mrs. – I did read Professor J) Cable Company. PLEASE, it’s almost midnight. I.MUST.POST.

    Thanks Cheri. Truly. I’m honored to be included in such a fine list of writers, your talent shining the brightest.

    See you tonight! 🙂

  3. Congratulations for making it through the month of lists! I did NaBloPoMo back in November and NEVER AGAIN will I submit myself to that kind of torture (so says the woman who has posted something every day for nearly two years).

    Great list–I’m a big fan of Just Jamie myself. She makes me laugh and cry all at once.

  4. You go, girl! COngrats on making it a whole 31 days of making lists! Your lists were superb, from the sublime to the silly (my turn to annoy you with alliteration). And you are a very talented writer, Cheri. I think you could easily make money at it.

  5. Aren’t you sweet to include me in that list with such good writers? Thank you, Cheri.

    And congratulations on the daily post. I know it’s hard, but it’s kind of fun, too, isn’t it?

  6. Congratulations on making through the month. I didn’t find out about your adventure until last week, so I had a great deal of catching up to do.

    I enjoy reading all your writing and have things to look forward to now when I live in the Bay Area this summer and for diner places in Paris, should I ever get the opportunity to go.

    I have learned so much from you and I know others benefit from your writing thus I hope you get the time to author a book or more in the future — are you taking pre-orders?

  7. Awwww, Cheri. I am really touched by my inclusion here. And I had totally forgotten about that post, so thank you also for re-introducing me to my pre-mom self! 🙂

    I am excited to check out the rest of these links. You have truly done inspiring work this month.

    big hugs,

  8. Oh, I am swooning with the blushes over here! Thank you! And I am in such august company, including you!

    NaBlo is soooo hard, but I am so glad I did it in Nov. because I think it made me a better writer, and broke through the “I don’t wannas” to the “just do its.” Some of my best stuff came later from things I wrote just to get it done. Congratulations!

  9. Thanks, Cheri.

    That’s a great list. I do read some of the blogs you mentioned regularly…but now the list grows!

    You, also, are a fabulous writer and I would include yourself on that list!

    Another one of my favorite blog writers is Slouching Mom (http://www.slouchingmom.com/). She just has a way.


  10. As Beth said “follow that dream” – you know I am taking photos every day and it is an incredible tool to assisting my dreams.

    Your lists were wonderful and I am going to faffle for a while reading some of the links you listed today.

  11. I completely believe in your ability to write and be paid. I’m telling you the daily writing keeps sharpening the tool.

    Thanks for the nod. I am happy to be included with so many of my favorite bloggers.

    And if I had to pick ONE of yours, I must say your post on the famous men you’ve dated was a classic. Oh, and the Girl Scout cookies.

  12. I have really come to enjoy your writing. It is a pleasure to visit your blog. I also appreciate the nice comments you leave me. Thanks!

  13. How kind & fabulous of you to pay tribute to inspirations in the “real world.” From what I’ve read of your blog, you possess tremendous talent & skill. Sheer endurance is a plus 🙂 But I agree with Mrs. G – this everyday thing keeps you sharp (albeit exhausted, but what’s new for moms?).

    Congrats & enjoy your rest

  14. Congratulations on getting through the month of March. I did this in November, and as fun and challenging as it was, I didn’t think I was up for another month.

  15. Looking forward to checkin’ all these ladies out. And, as Jaime asked, YOU ARE A FABULOUS WRITER. Are you convinced? I can say it again…:-) Seriously.

  16. What a great list! More super blogs to visit. Part of me is happy and part of me is sad for the hours of sleep I might not get. Oh well!!!

    I do share your dream. As an English teacher, I think there will always be that hope to write for an actual income. More importantly, I would love to write and actually have others appreciate that talent (enough to pay for it!).

    Grab a copy of The Writer’s Market and start submitting!!! Although only a HIGH SCHOOL English teacher, I can clearly tell you have talent!

  17. Congratulations Cheri–I enjoyed every one of your lists!
    Keep pursuing your dream of being a paid writer–I’m sure your scholarly articles were amazing also!

  18. Yay! More blogs to read. Wait, didn’t I just promise myself that I would spend a LOT less time blogging? Drat, now I’m at odds with myself. Thanks for the links, though, and I can’t wait to check them out.

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